August 15, 2020

Marjorie Harvey Shares the Difference between This Year & Last through Contrasting Pictures – See Them Here

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Fashion icon Marjorie Harvey, wife to media mogul Steve Harvey, showed her mood by sharing a throwback image of herself without makeup.

Marjorie Harvey has been married to Steve Harvey for some years now. The couple does not have any kids together. However, they have kids from their previous relationships.

The media mogul has four kids - three from his first wife and one from a second marriage. In comparison, Marjorie is a mother of three children. Irrespective of this, the Harveys have maintained a well-blended family.

Marjorie Harvey arrives at the ninth annual Ford Hoodie Awards at the Mandalay Bay Events Center on August 13, 2011. | Photo: Getty Images


The mother-of-three is an ageless beauty. From her Instagram posts, fans can deduce that she is conscious of her appearance and has a high taste in fashion. After all, she is a fashion designer.

Recently, Marjorie shared an old photo from last year. Although it was not throwback Thursday, Steve's wife opted to show her fans her last year look versus this year's.


The first post was an outdoor image that showed her in a brown hat with a white long-sleeved top and sunglasses. She wrote, "Last year this time." 

Shortly after that, she uploaded a makeup-free image where she posed with a hand to her forehead and quipped: "Today."

Whether it was last year's image or the recent photo, fans could not help but express their admiration for the adorable posts.

Recently one of his properties in the Lewisville Lake Area, Dallas, was sold for $1.1 million, two years after the media mogul and his wife put it up for sale.




Many fans are aware that the fashion lover also has the title of a "globe trotter" in her resume. Her Instagram feeds are full of posts from her world-touring experiences.

Marjorie goes on different vacations and adventures across continents. She has been to Australia, Europe (Paris), across North America (Mexico), and even to West Africa (Ghana).

During most of these trips, the mother of three is seen enjoying quality time with her family. Last year, the Harveys took a trip to Ghana. Steve recorded the trip online by sharing his experience. He said:


"This was real pain I felt going back to Ghana's slave castle...I could feel my ancestors on me... Powerful beyond words that I can explain... Their strength is in each of us..."



Steve, who is a comedian, an actor, and a talk show host, has earned the love of many fans across the country. Over the years, he has also acquired a considerable amount of properties.

Recently one of his properties in the Lewisville Lake Area, Dallas was sold for $1.1 million, two years after the media mogul and his wife put it up for sale at $1.25 million.

While Steve has an engaging personality, his wife Marjorie is a beautiful and stylish woman that does not seem to be aging. The duo is surely a perfect match for each other!