August 15, 2020

Us Weekly: Queen Elizabeth Shares Her Thoughts about Prince William and Kate Middleton Succeeding Her Reign

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Prince William and Kate Middleton will ascend to the throne of England at some point. While many have questioned their readiness, it appears the Queen is more than okay with them.

Us Weekly reported that Queen Elizabeth felt strongly about the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge taking the throne. As the news source explained, she believes they are perfect for the position already.

The news is coming on the heels of reports that the Queen has stepped back from some royal duties. Sources explained that she had decided to spend time with her 99-year-old husband, Prince Philip. 

Queen Elizabeth II talks with MI5 officers during a visit to the headquarters of MI5 at Thames House on February 25, 2020. | Photo: GettyImages


Due to all this, she has now passed on most of her duties to Prince Charles, her first son. However, she also believes that Prince William and Duchess Kate are primed for an ascent to the throne. Speaking on the Queen's perception of the pair, a royal source told Us Weekly:

"Queen Elizabeth finds it refreshing that there's never any drama or scandal surrounding Kate and William. In her eyes, they're the perfect suitors for the position."


The source added that the Queen had also passed some of her duties to the couple. These included meetings with influential people and charity visits. At the same time, while the couple is getting more primed, Prince Charles is still the next in line. So, he is always in the loop.

Amid all this, the Queen is also hoping to mediate between Prince William and Prince Harry.

It's unclear how or when the line of succession will move. The Queen could decide to step down entirely and be together with her husband, leaving Prince Charles in charge. 


She could also choose to stay on the throne until she dies. One thing that everyone pretty much knows at this point, however, is that Prince William will be king at some point.

Amid all this, the Queen is also hoping to mediate between Prince William and Prince Harry. Although there have been no confirmations, tabloids have swirled with reports that the two brothers are feuding.


The Queen reportedly hoped that they'd settle things at Princess Beatrice's wedding. However, the novel coronavirus pandemic made it impossible for them to see.

For now, she hopes that Prince Harry will leave Los Angeles whenever he can and come down to the U.K. to speak with his brother and resolve things. 

The source of the brothers' alleged feud is still unknown. Many have speculated differently, with some claiming that the tensions stemmed from their wives. Whatever it is, the Queen reportedly wants them to sit down and talk things out for the good of the family. 


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