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August 25, 2020

Graham Elliot's Newborn Son Was Hospitalized for Six Days — Facts about His Personal Life

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Chef Graham Elliot, best known as one of the judges of "MasterChef," is the proud dad of three sons. One of them was rushed to the ER a week after he was born.

Born in January 1977, Graham Elliot has described himself as a "Navy brat" because he has been in all 50 states of the US and several other countries. Eventually, he established himself in Chicago.

They ran every test imaginable and they all came back negative.

Graham Elliot during an episode of "Top Chef" on May 16, 2018 | Photo: Getty Images



It is precisely the fact that he visited so many places that sparked in him an interest in food. After becoming a chef, he competed in the first season of "Top Chef Masters" and "Iron Chef," and his onscreen presence was unique.

Eventually, Bravo got him on board the TV series "Top Chef," and for two seasons, Graham served as one of the judges. He has also worked in "MasterChef" and "MasterChef Jr." and owns a very successful restaurant named Graham Elliot.


Speaking of his restaurant, it has been running since May 2008 and quickly became one of the 15 restaurants in the US to receive two Michelin stars, one of the most prestigious recognitions in the culinary industry.

If that wasn't enough, Graham has been Lollapalooza's culinary director since 2009 and worked as the host of "MLB Grub Tour Paired with a Budweiser."


The chef's career has been nothing short of amazing. However, he faced a terrifying experience in 2012 shortly after one of his three sons was born.

Graham Elliot and his wife, Allie Elliot, are raising three boys. Their eldest is Mylo, (Graham's son from a previous relationship), Conrad came next, and Jedediah is the youngest.



Jedidiah, born on August 25, 2012, had to be rushed to the ER of the Hope Children's Hospital only a week after his birth due to a fever of 100.5. In total, he spent six days there, which was probably one of the most challenging times for the Elliots. About it, Graham said:

"They ran every test imaginable and they all came back negative. To see your kid hooked up to so many things, it's tough to stay positive."


Graham also admitted that Jedidiah would open his eyes for "maybe five minutes" a day, something that deeply affected him and Allie, who had plenty of "crying and breakdown moments."

Eventually, doctors found out that the boy was suffering from a viral infection and sent him home with his parents after he went 24 hours with a normal temperature.



The "MasterChef" judge is also the protagonist of an impressive weight-loss journey! Graham Elliot, who used to be very close to the 400-pound mark, knew that something needed to change if he wanted to enjoy his role as a parent.

During an interview with "Today," he explained that his kids – who were all under six years old at the time – would play and run around but, due to his extra pounds, he couldn't join them.


According to Graham, he realized that losing weight was not only about him or his looks anymore. Being healthy for his family was what really made him embark on his weight-loss journey.

For that reason, he underwent a surgical procedure called sleeve gastrectomy in which his stomach was reduced to a considerably smaller size (about 85 percent of it was eliminated, said Graham).


In less than six months, the restauranteur lost 130 pounds and changed his eating and exercise habits. He also pointed out that he could still eat and try everything but only in smaller portions.

Nowadays, Graham Elliot has his hands full. Apart from taking care of his family and restaurant, the celebrity chef and cookbook author is on a quest for the ultimate baseball card collection. He has been on it since 2017, though, so it's nothing new.


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