Daily Joke: A Man Walks into a Shoe Store

A man walked into a shoe store and asked to try on undersized shoes. While this baffled the salesman, the man explained that taking off the shoes was the only pleasurable part of his life.

 A man walked into a shoe store and asked the salesman for a pair of size eight tie shoes for him to try on.The salesman then looked at the man’s feet and stated that a size eight wouldn’t fit as he appeared to be a size eleven.

However, the man insisted on getting a size eight tie shoe, and the salesman ended up bringing his request. After the shoes were brought to him, the man tried them on and then stood up.

A running shoes store. | Photo: Flickr

A running shoes store. | Photo: Flickr

But he was obviously in a lot of pain as the shoes were undersized. This baffled the salesman who could not help but ask:

“Sir, why must you have these undersized shoes?”

The man then replied and explained that he lost his business and his house, and this led him to start living with his mother in law.

He continued by adding that his wife was having an affair with his best friend and that his daughter was also pregnant. After saying all this, the man concluded by saying:

“The only pleasure I have in life is taking off these damn shoes.”

Enjoyed that joke? Here’s another good one about a man who had a deep love for mysteries.

One day, he went for the opening night of a play in the theatre but was only able to get a seat at the back, which was far from the stage.

A theatre filled with an audience. | Photo: Flickr

A theatre filled with an audience. | Photo: Flickr

The man called an usher and explained that he would like to get a better seat at the front so he could follow the clues of the play and watch the mystery close up. He also promised the usher a generous tip.

Anticipating the generous tip, the usher proceeded to get a better seat for the man and asked his co-workers if he could get a ticket for a seat closer to the stage.

With just three minutes left until the end of the play, the usher found an unused ticket by the window and returned to the man. The usher then asked the man to follow him and led him to a second row seat, which was much closer to the stage.

In appreciation, the man thanked the usher and handed him a dollar coin as a tip. The usher then looked at the tip, leaned over to the man, and whispered:

“The butler did it in the parlor with the candlestick.”

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