September 26, 2020

Amy Schumer Proudly Shares the Moment Her 16-Month-Old Son Gene Says Mom in a Sweet Video

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Amy Schumer's lookalike son was totally adorable in a short clip she shared on social media. Schumer experienced proud moments as her little son showed he could say, "mom."

Amy Schumer basked in a proud moment after her toddler son, Gene, warmed many hearts by calling her "mom." In the clip, little Gene was filmed indoors in his playpen, going about his business. Star mom Schumer was present in the video as she ensured her baby boy was safe, while Gene moved around his toys. She captioned the post:

"The world is burning, but this was a nice moment…"

Amy Schumer attends Amy Schumer & Leesa Evans Host Le Cloud Launch Event on December 12, 2018, in New York City. | Source: Getty Images


At a point, Schumer called out to Gene and asked him to say the word "mom," and he responded accordingly. This got a peal of laughter from everyone present as they showed admiration.

Schumer and her loved ones were not the only ones captivated by the little one as fans in the comments showed their affection and gushed over him.


Once speaking about motherhood, Schumer, a comic star, made it known that she became nicer to her mother after giving birth. 

A few days ago, the TV star showed high spirits after losing an Emmy award.


She added that giving birth to Gene made her realize she had a lot of love to give. Schumer, who acted in "I Feel Pretty," and her husband, Chris Fischer, welcomed their first child last year.

During one of her candid talks, Schumer shared that being pregnant was "terrifying" but nonetheless worthy. The star actress examined that having a cesarean section proved difficult, but she knew the pain was worth it once she saw her baby.


Early this month, Schumer, 39, made a big reveal on social media concerning her health. She let fans on Instagram know that she has been dealing with Lyme disease for years.

She addressed fans on her timeline and solicited for possible medication methods. So far, celebrities like Yolanda Hadid, Shania Twain, and Justin Bieber have also opened up about experiencing Lyme disease and how they battled it. 

A few days ago, the TV star showed high spirits after losing an Emmy award. Schumer shared a now-removed heartening post of her would-be acceptance speech on her Instagram page if she had won the accolade.