Rapper Eve Once Revealed the Adorable Story behind the Paw Print Tattoos on Her Chest

Sep 28, 2020
11:30 P.M.
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Rapper Eve opened up about her iconic trademark paw print tattoos on her chest and shared the sweet story behind them.


Rapper Eve marked her many years of being in the industry with her great music and her timeless style. But none of those trademarks would have been complete without her iconic paw print tattoos. 

In an April interview about her tattoos, the rapper said that her mom was unhappy with her decision back then and questioned what she was doing with her life. Despite her mom's initial disapproval, Eve went on to make the paw tattoos part of her trademark as an artist.

Eve and Maximillion Cooper arrive in a Maserati at Fashion For Relief at The British Museum on Sept. 14, 2019. | Photo: Getty Images


It became a sort of identity tag and her fans especially loved it as much as she did. The rapper then revealed that even her mom who hated the idea at first was appalled when she considered removing them.

At the time, she was slowly weaning herself off the showbiz scene and thought that the tattoos probably needed to go too. Her mother told her not to because that was "how people knew her."


Eve's change of heart came from her mom's heart change and she decided to keep the tattoos. It symbolized that certain time in her life and told a story, just like her other tattoos.

Her exit from the business was deemed conscious. Things changed in her personal life, including her marriage to producer Maximillion Cooper.

For the 41-year-old timeless beauty, the body ink experiments did not stop. She still wanted to expand her tattoo collection and was even looking to get piercings too.


Eve said she had only two piercings and was on the verge of finding where to get more before the pandemic shut almost everything down. When she finally could, she was a hundred percent sure that she was going to get new tattoos, but nothing too crazy. 

While she was open to experimenting with body ink, the rapper blatantly said that one place the ink would never get to on her skin was her face. It was just not "her thing."


In 2019, the 90s' rap trailblazer was preparing to release her first album in six years after her last in 2013. She teamed up with Jamaican artist, Konshens, for a 2019 song, "Reload," and established that she was far from done with rap.

Her exit from the business was deemed conscious. Things changed in her personal life, including her marriage to producer Maximillion Cooper, and settling down required time and attention.

The rapper married her beau in 2014, four years after they started dating. Eve became the stepmom to his four kids from a previous relationship, and the beautiful rapper can proudly say that she is hands down the coolest stepmom ever.