Family of 7 Contracts COVID-19 after Losing House in a Fire — inside Their Story

Joe Akins
Oct 11, 2020
11:30 P.M.
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The Graham family has had a roller coaster of devastating events that have claimed their home of five years and threatened their lives when all seven members tested positive for COVID-19.


Jessica and Matthew Graham lived in Malden Walsh with their five children until a wildfire swept through the town, burning down everything in its path. The family of seven left town on labor day on a trip to see Jessica's parents.

During their trip, they received the devastating news that a wildfire was spreading through the town from a neighbor. When they heard that the fire had reached the town's library and post office, they started to doubt their home's safety.

Firemen trying to put down a fire. | Photo: Pixabay


The sad news was, however, confirmed by the neighbor. The couple shared that they were devastated when they heard and refused to believe that so much was already lost. The couple said:

"She told us it was a total loss, and I kept saying no, no…"

The Graham's home was detroyed in the fire | Source: YouTube/KREM 2 News


The town suffered about 80% loss of homes with nearly 16,000 acres burnt while the Graham family lost everything in the fire. The family remained with Jessica's parents, after which the parents started to develop flu-like symptoms. The husband shared that he found himself constantly tired and could hardly move.

The family has received a heap of support from the community as a Go Fund Me page was set up to raise money for them.

The entire family tested positive to the COVID-19 on September 22, which they had contracted from Jessica's parents. This seems to be rampant these days with a recent case of a family of 18 spreading the virus amongst themselves after a member's birthday party. 


The whole family is being quarantined in the Spokane Family Hotel. Before this, the family unknowingly spread the virus to Matthew's mom, who came to babysit, and a family of nine that invited them over to dinner. 


The couple felt terrible that they had put the family's health at risk after they extended such kindness to them. The family has received a heap of support from the community as a GoFund Me page was set up to raise money for them.

The account currently holds about $18,000. They have also received calls and well wishes from several community members ranging from strangers to acquaintances.

Jessica said she felt grateful to know that they have so much support. Matthew added that they were at the "happy end of hell" and were optimistic about getting through it all as a family.

The couple believes that in a year, they will be living their best lives, in a new home while looking back on this experience as the most trying time in their lives.


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