October 09, 2020

Daily Joke: New Wife Asks Her Husband to Quit Golfing

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The joke of the day is about a new wife who discovered that nothing could come between her husband and golfing in a hilarious way after she suggested that he quit.

A man named Tim and his long-time girlfriend finally decided to take things to the next level and get married. One evening after their honeymoon, Tim was organizing his golfing gear.

The man's new wife stood beside him in silence as she watched him lovingly arrange his equipment. After a long stretch of silence, she finally spoke. 

A golf club and a golf ball | Photo: Flickr


She told Tim that she had been thinking of an idea for a while. Since they were already married, she thought it was best that he quit playing golf. 

He spent so much time on the course and thought it would be great to give it a rest. He could even get a great price for his clubs, she added.


Tim paused what he was doing and wore a horrified expression on his face. Baffled by the look her husband gave her, his wife wondered what was wrong. 

Tim replied and told her that she suddenly sounded a lot like his ex-wife when she said that. Tim’s wife was confused even more. She told him that had no idea he was married before. Tim sharply retorted:

“I wasn’t.”


Here is another joke with an unexpected twist about two people who were not on the same page. Two kids were talking to each other while hanging out. 

One of the kids suddenly started expressing how worried he was about his life. He told his friend that his father worked twelve hours every day to provide a good home and food for him.


He also said that his mother spent the whole day cleaning and cooking for him while making sure that he did not need anything at all. He was worried, he reiterated.

The boy’s friend was confused. It seemed like a pretty great life with nothing to be worried about. He asked his friend why he was worried. The other kid said:

”What if they try to escape?

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Source: Startsat60