People: Tori Roloff Says She Recently Stopped Breastfeeding Her 10-Month-Old Daughter Lilah

LPBW star Tori Roloff shared updates on motherhood with fans as she made it known that she has stopped breastfeeding her 10-months old toddler daughter, Lilah. 

People recently caught up with star mom Tori Roloff in a chat that had her giving updates on how she's been handling motherhood. Tori noted that she has stopped breastfeeding her toddler, Lilah. The reality star also made it known that it has not been easy adjusting to her daughter's growth progress, saying that: 

"I know everyone has different views of breastfeeding and all that, but, for me, it's a bittersweet thing because, when you start breastfeeding, you built up a connection...with your child."

Tori, whose kids were naturally weaned, noted that there was a realization that her daughter no longer needed her when it came to breastfeeding. Looking on to the brighter side, the reality star added that it gave her more freedom as a mom.

A few days ago, Tori launched into mommy mode as she talked about her daughter, Lilah's health.

She mentioned that when children quit the boobs, the moms get time to themselves and owning their bodies again. Tori and her spouse gushed about their bundles of joy, but they clarified any rumors about them getting another child any time soon.

Tori noted that she was not ready to have another child, and her spouse agreed. However, Zach let fans know that there were plans for more kids in the near future. 

A few days ago, Tori launched into mommy mode as she talked about her daughter, Lilah's health. The sneak peeks from the new episode of LPBW showed the 29-year-old mom talking to her spouse and mother-in-law, Amy.

At a point, Tori broke down as she felt helpless about her daughter's health issues. The star mom noted that Lilah threw up several times and was feeling uncomfortable. 

In the light of things, Zach and his wife had to hand over their son, Jack, to grandma Amy to help babysit while they figured out what was wrong with little Lilah. In an LPBW confessional, Zach shared that he was optimistic about his baby daughter's health. 

Reality icons Zach and Tori Roloff welcomed their second child, Lilah, in 2019. During the excited parents' interview with Us Weekly, they gushed over their little one and called her the perfect addition. Lilah joined big brother Jack, who is three-years-old. 

A few months after welcoming her girl child, Tori indulged in a Q&A with fans on social media. There she made it known that her daughter had achondroplasia, her dad's type of dwarfism. The star mom also noted that this was why she gave birth through a caesarian section.

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