Queen Elizabeth Dazzles in Gorgeous Tiara in Canadian Portrait Taken for the 1st Time in Months

Odette Odendaal
Oct 19, 2020
12:42 P.M.
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A newly released picture of Queen Elizabeth II shows her glittering in old-world charm for the first time in months, and it came shortly after she attended her first royal engagement outside the palace since March. 


Over the last couple of months, Queen Elizabeth adjusted her life as a monarch to conduct business remotely due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. With no social engagements, the Queen had no occasion for formal wear, but that recently changed.

The Queen both stepped out for her first public engagement in about seven months and released her new official Canadian portrait the following day. Doubling up on a return to normalcy, the 94-year-old still made sure to keep to current health regulations.



Queen Elizabeth regally stunned in jewels for her new Canadian portrait, which included the sapphire and diamond tiara with matching jewels affectionately known as the "King George VI Victorian Suite."

The jewels used reportedly date back to the mid-1800s. While the bracelet only became a part of the set in the 1960s, and the Queen's father, King George VI, gave her the stunning suite as a wedding present in 1947.

Queen Elizabeth II with Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh, after their wedding in 1947. | Source: Getty Images.



In the portrait released on Friday, Queen Elizabeth II wore a white dress that featured the Canadian insignia as Sovereign of the Order of Canada, as well as the Order of Military Merit, and the matching jewelry rounded her look off perfectly.

The Queen wore the stunning jewels during her visit to Canada in 1990, but her first public appearance in months drew just as much attention for less sparkly reasons. 



Prince William and the Queen went to Salisbury to visit the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, but it's the monarch's actions while there that came under the microscope.

Beautifully dressed in pink, the Queen's ensemble featured all the usuals additions, but another became notably absent. While catching up on the latest at the state-of-the-art laboratory, no one wore any facial masks.



Following the Queen's visit to the laboratory, royal sources said that even though it appeared as if social distancing regulations got sidestepped, they were, in fact, followed to the letter. 

While they stayed outdoors as much as possible during the monarch's visit, everyone that came into proximity of her got tested for the virus beforehand, and the results all came back negative.


With the pandemic's influence still playing out in the royal family, it makes fulfilling their duties challenging, but it also influences their life as a family. This year, the royal family might not have Christmas as they've celebrated it for many years, leaving the need for Queen Elizabeth to come up with a plan B.

Christmas time holds several traditions for the royals, but the annual get-together requires a sizable staff to help it all come together. With the pandemic not in the rearview just yet, the Queen is working on an alternative way to celebrate the holidays so everyone can be safe.