November 02, 2020

Carter Rubin — Quick Facts about the Singer Who Dazzled 'The Voice' Coaches

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Long Island's budding star Carter Rubin gave highlights during his blind audition performance on "The Voice," and the coaches were blown away. Here are tidbits about the youngster who owned the spotlight.

A young teenager, Carter Rubin, was at the top of his game during "The Voice" blind auditions where he performed Lewis Capaldi's "Before You Go."

Rubin had the celebrity voice coaches eating right out of his hands as he beautifully rendered the alternative sound with his angelic voice. At a point, R&B icon John Legend hit his red buzzer to face the young singer.



While Rubin, 15, hit a crescendo, an impressed Gwen Stefani hit the buzzer next as she could not help the emotions coursing through her.

At the end of his rendition, the judges were shocked by the little body housing such a powerful voice. While Stefani mentioned that Rubin did not look like his singing voice, Blake Shelton hilariously asked for the "actual singer."

"The Voice" coaches and real-life couple Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani during their 2016 performance at the iHeart Radio stage | Photo: Getty Images



On his Instagram page, the teenager excitedly shared news of him moving to the next stage while thanking the coaches for their warm welcome. The young boy was especially glad to be able to work with Gwen Stefani.

This is not the first time young Carter would be stealing hearts and blowing minds. In 2018, he was part of News 12 Long Island's talents. While introducing himself to the coaches, Carter noted that he had an autistic brother.

Watts, who would have been a pirate if she had not pursued her music career, chose Clarkson to be her coach.



After his blind audition, the Long Island native got the attention of Stefani and John Legend. However, Stefani bested Legend by pulling the "mom" card.

While Legend gushed over Carter's voice and outlined the impressive qualities he sensed in the boy's voice, he noted that he wanted Cater to be the youngest talent on his team.



Stefani did not have to do a lot as she let Carter know that she had a teenage son and would love to be like a mom to the youngster. The "mom" appeal must have done the trick as Carter ended up opting for Stefani!

Another contestant who made quite an impression was Kelsie Watts, during her rendition of Kelly Clarkson's hit song "I Dare You." 

Watts, who would have been a pirate if she had not pursued her music career, chose Clarkson to be her coach. Before "The Voice," Watts worked as a showboat performer.