November 03, 2020

Glimpse inside Rapper Eve and Her Millionaire Husband Maximillion Cooper's Luxurious LA Home

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Eve and her millionaire spouse Maximillion Cooper live large in their state-of-the-art home in Los Angeles. Here is a look into how Eve shares glimpses of their exquisite home.

Eve and her millionaire spouse, Maximillion Cooper, enjoy a stately lifestyle in their luxurious home situated in the high brow area of Los Angeles.

The couple who furnished the mansion to their chic taste often flaunts their sense of style and home decor on social media. Eve, in her regular updates, shows off her classy abode from time to time.

Maximillion Cooper & Eve at the MOBO Awards on October 22, 2014. | Photo: Getty Images


One of her show-offs included a selfie seemingly taken inside her dressing room that boasted a gold plated mirror and an artifact on an oak table.

Another of the star rapper's posts had her brandishing a cool look while posing with her red hot Ferrari ride. Eve was photographed outside her home on her driveway.

While she displays eye-catching parts of her mansion, the "Who's That Girl" crooner makes sure to give fans glimpses of her taste in outfits too.


Eve, who films "The Talk" from home, situated her filming location in her living room that boasts plush red sofas and a large flatscreen TV above her fireplace.

When the 41-year-old wants to unwind and get her fill of nature's goodness, she does so with the fantastic view her home presents. Eve's Los Angeles crib boasts a location that overlooks the tall buildings and tropical area.

These days, it seems Eve has stepped away from the music scene and is showing expertise as a TV host amid other business ventures.


Eve's decades-long music career is filled with ups and downs, but the "Let There Be Eve" rapper has got her fair share of fame and fortune.

The Grammy-winning star had just celebrated the beginning of her adult years when her first album hit the number one spot in 1999.


During her humble beginnings, Eve, just fresh out of high school, made ends meet as a stripper. She, however, did not enjoy the lifestyle and soon got serious about her rap career.

She  met hip hop legend Dr. Dre who signed her to his record label, Aftermath Entertainment. Her stint with the label was short-lived, but she did get a break with her single that became the soundtrack in 1998's "Bulworth." Things got better for the star when she joined Ruff Ryders.

These days, it seems Eve has stepped away from the music scene and is showing expertise as a TV host amid other business ventures. She has also been married to Gumball 3000 founder, Maximillion Cooper, since 2014.