Source: Instagram/ihorpupkov

Watch Foreign Journalist's Reaction after Men Burst Out Shouting Amid Live Times Square Report

Joe Akins
Nov 06, 2020
05:00 A.M.
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The moment a foreign journalist reporting live from New York's Times Square gets interrupted by two shouting men is very hilarious and has gone viral.


Journalists experience different moments while reporting live on television. Most times, these moments do not make it to television as they happen off-air. However, some of them happen on-air and are often hilarious.

Ukrainian reporter Igor Pupkov found himself in such circumstances while covering the United States Presidential elections for Ukraine 24 TV channel.

A journalist on field with their camera : Photo: Pexels


Pupkov was reporting live from New York Times Square and detailing the current situation of his location when two Americans passing by appeared in the background.

They carefully crept up behind Pupkov and began shouting in his ear. One of them danced behind the reporter, while the other shouted in his ear twice.


To his credit, Pupkov, who shared the video of the exact moment on his Instagram page, remained calm and continued to report despite the nuisance going on around him.

His video has since gone viral and generated many views and comments. One fan said the video is similar to what happens when one talks to their parents on the phone and their friends shout in the background.

The reporter was arrested live on air by police officers while covering protests in Minneapolis.


While Pupkov found himself dealing with shouting humans, in October, CNN's senior Washington correspondent Joe Johns found himself accosted by a raccoon moments before going live in front of the White House.

Johns screamed at the raccoon before hurling an unknown object at the nut seeking animal. Johns quickly composed himself before returning to professional mode as he got set to make his report.


The clip of Johns' experience with the raccoon found its way to social media and quickly went viral and led to the creation of a parody account on Twitter called "That Whitehouse Racoon."

Another CNN reporter Omar Jimenez was neither accosted by screaming passersby nor accosted by a raccoon in his unexpected on-air moment. Instead, the reporter was arrested live on air by police officers while covering protests in Minneapolis following the death of George Floyd.

Jimenez was arrested along with his cameraman and producer. They were later released without charge. Minnesota governor Tim Walz also apologized for the incident, describing it as unacceptable.