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Daily Joke: A Cooking Teacher Was Instructing Her Class

Lois Oladejo
Nov 10, 2020
04:00 A.M.
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During a cooking class, a teacher shared secrets for preparing perfect sauces and advised the students not to forget their wooden spoons while preparing for their assignments. As the class progressed, a student pondered as to why they were using wooden spoons.


A cooking teacher named Mrs. Jones ordered her students to the stoves as they kick-started their cooking class. While they got ready for the cooking class, she warned that they should not forget their wooden spoons because it would be of great use to them.

The students immediately obeyed the instruction and began the preparation of their perfect sauces. While they stirred, a student wondered why they were using a wooden spoon and concluded based on the laws of physics, that it was to reduce heat conduction.

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He decided to confirm his theory by asking Mrs. Jones why they had to use wooden spoons. He walked up to the cooking expert and posed his questions.

Mrs. Jones replied him saying: "Because, If I have to sit here listening to all your metal spoons banging against metal pots, I'll go nuts!"

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Found that amusing right! Here's another joke about a couple at a luxurious restaurant where the husband stared continuously at a drunk lady. She was sitting at a nearby table and couldn't seem to stop swirling her glass.

The wife asked him if he knew her and the man replied with a yes. He claimed she was his ex-girlfriend who took to drinking after they split up seven years ago.

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He further stated that after the split, the drunk lady had been unable to get sober ever since. On realizing that he was being sarcastic, his wife replied: "My God!, Who would think a person could go on celebrating that long?"

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