November 10, 2020

Queen Elizabeth II Wears Black Mask in Public for the 1st Time after Being Criticized

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94-year-old Queen Elizabeth dons a black face mask in a public ceremony weeks after she received backlash from the public for ignoring the crucial pandemic guideline.

Weeks after receiving backlash for not wearing a mask in public, Queen Elizabeth II was recently spotted donning a face mask while attending a brief ceremony at Westminster Abbey. The official account of the Royal Family shared on Instagram:

“The Queen honours the Unknown Warrior at Westminster Abbey.”

Queen Elizabeth II attends a state banquet at Brdo Castle on the first day of a two day tour of Slovenia on October 21, 2008 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. | Photo: Getty Images


According to the official account, the unknown soldier was an unidentified British serviceman who died on the battlefields during the First World War. 

The soldier’s body was returned from Northern France on November 11, 1920, two years after the war officially ended, and buried in Westminster Abbey.


The Queen attended the private indoor ceremony in an all-black outfit and a matching black hat. With a black purse in hand, the monarch wore a black face mask with white trim to match.

She stood in front of a visibly well-cared-for grave adorned with red roses all around the sides and white roses at one edge. The 94-year-old bowed her head as she paid her respects.

The Queen was accused rather shockingly of not setting a good example for the public alongside her grandson, Prince William.


Although the Queen seems better concerned with wearing a face mask, the English monarch was seen without one just days earlier for a scaled-back Remembrance Day service.

She first received criticism for the same act in mid-October when she made her first public outing since going into quarantine months ago. The Royal Family shared on Twitter:

“The Queen, with The Duke of Cambridge, visits @dstlmod and formally opens the new Energetics Analysis Centre.”

Alongside her grandson, Prince William, The Duke of Cambridge, the Queen was seen holding a meet-and-greet with a large number of people at the newly-opened research centre. Neither of them wore a mask.



The Queen was accused rather shockingly of not setting a good example for the public alongside her grandson, Prince William. This caused disappointment in many people as they expected both the Queen and the Duke to adhere to the British public health guidelines.

After the uproar from the public, the Palace spokesperson reportedly claimed that medical professionals gave both the Queen and Prince William the go-ahead to attend the event without masks.

Now that the Queen has heard the disapproval of her people and taken it in stride, the monarch seems to have moved on to other things. 


Recently, she appeared in a new official Canadian portrait in an elegant white dress and a marvelous diamond and sapphire tiara. At 94 years old, it has been projected that she will step down and hand over the throne to her son, Charles when she turns 95. 

While that hangs in the air, the public is momentarily thankful that she has taken to protecting herself and others by wearing masks.