Ryan Seacrest Leads 'Live' with Another Co-host in Kelly Ripa's Absence — Who Was It?

The WABC-TV show, "LIVE with Kelly and Ryan," experienced a little tweak this week as Ryan Seacrest led the show without his beloved co-host, Kelly Ripa.

Fans of the morning show, "LIVE with Kelly and Ryan" were prepared for Kelly Ripa's absence from the TV show this week. However, nothing could have prepared viewers for the shock of seeing another woman leading the show in Ripa's stead alongside Ryan Seacrest.

On Thursday, journalist Tamron Hall filled in for the 50-year-old television host, who left this week, to honor her long-anticipated reunion with husband, Mark Consuelos.

Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa at Paley Center For Media on March 04, 2020. | Photo: Getty Images

Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa at Paley Center For Media on March 04, 2020. | Photo: Getty Images


The episode introduced Hall as a temporary replacement for Ripa. In an Instagram post shared by the show, Hall could be seen chatting excitedly with Seacrest before they eventually hurried off to begin the day's business. The caption read:

"We're live now with guest co-host, @tamronhall!!! @tamronhallshow"

In the clip, Seacrest appeared in high spirits while teasing that Thursday's show deserved to be called "The Tamron Hall" show. That attracted a bout of laughter from the journalist as she assumed Ripa's seat beside Seacrest.


Ripa announced her absence a day prior, confirming her countdown to the reunion finally came to an end. The icon and her husband had been separated since August due to their work schedules and the COVID-19 travel restrictions.

The co-hosts have developed a deep connection.

While Ripa hosted her live show in Manhattan, Consuelos was in Vancouver, Canada, filming his hit series, "Riverdale." The tasking schedules forced the couple to spend Thanksgiving apart.


So as not to miss out on the Thanksgiving festivities, the mother of three improvised, sharing pictures from last year's celebration. 

One of the shots featured Ripa and Consuelos, alongside their three children, Michael, Lola, and Joaquin, enjoying a wonderful family time. Via caption, the show host expressed her regrets over the festivities' noticeable difference from last year's.

Gladly, her utmost Thanksgiving wish came to actualization this week, upon reuniting with her husband of 24 years.


Ripa's reunion with Consuelos might be short-lived, but the 50-year-old star is sure to make the most of it as fans anticipate her return to Seacrest's side. It's no news that the co-hosts have developed a deep connection between them in their almost four years of hosting the show together.

Back in November, the duo opened up about their shared bond and affection in an exclusive interview. Seacrest got emotional as his co-host praised his personality while stating how much she enjoyed working with him.

The 45-year-old reciprocated with his bout of emotion-packed odes to Ripa, reflecting on how much he's learned from her. He went on to refer to the icon as a remarkable colleague and coach.

It appears neither Ripa nor  Seacrest has plans to give up their roles as each other's on-screen companions any time soon.

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