Savannah Guthrie Overloads Fans with Cuteness Posting a Throwback Video of Her Son Charles

Savannah Guthrie shares an overly adorable throwback of her son as a baby, followed by a handsome shot of the now 4 years old Charley. 

Savannah Guthrie overloaded fans with cuteness after posting an adorable video of her Son Charley as a bay, followed by an equally cute photo of him now as 4 years old. 

The mother of two celebrated Charley's  4th birthday this week on Tuesday, December 7. She captioned a loving photo series to Instagram that she thanked God every day for the gift of her son. 

The "Today" co-anchor's fans chimed in her comment section in both posted wishing Charley for his birthday and remarking what an absolutely cute baby he was. 

Earlier this year her kids stole the spotlight as they joined the "Today" live show while Guthrie was working from home. Charley was sitting on his mother's lap, peacefully, when Vale, her daughter joined in, She remarked that, 

“In the sixth week of home basement broadcasting, we’ve really broken the seal. The duct tape on the door has been lifted and here they are.”

During the election season this year, she had limited time with her children, but they were finally reunited in November after covering the events of the Election.

Guthrie shared a few heartwarming photos of herself and the kids cuddling together on the family couch, describing it as the reunion she had been waiting for all week.

Guthrie had shared many posts to her Instagram of the busyness that was involved within covering the election. she posted a photo with colleges from the show and invited viewers to tune in to observe updates. 

On Saturday after Biden was projected to win the 2020 election, she posted a photo of the NBC set and thanking all her colleagues who had worked night and day for the production to come together,

"Proud of my @nbcnews colleagues who worked day and night." 

It is obvious that the mother of two is proud of both her kids and her job as she regularly shares updates of both to her Instagram account. 

The most recent posts being centered on Charley's birthday this month. She shared a video of son Charley as a son, while she played with his little nose. He is wrapped up tight in a blanket with adorable squishable cheeks!

Guthrie had her daughter and son with her husband,  Michael Feldman.  The couple was married in 2014. The pair spoke about their parenting dynamic during the pandemic in an interview with Reveal Magazine.

The parents described "Tag-Teaming" the responsibilities with dad, Feldman handling the setting up of Zoom for the kids' school as well help Guthrie get for the "Today" show. 

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