James Van Der Beek's Children Help Him Buy Christmas Decorations for a Family in Texas

Laura Beatham
Dec 18, 2020
06:15 P.M.
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James Van Der Beek had help from his children to pick out Christmas decorations and other goodies for a Texas family.


James Van Der Beek's children helped him to choose different Christmas decorations, presents, and other goodies to give to a Texas family that consisted of a single mom and her child. 

"Dawson's Creek" star, Van Der Beek teamed up with HEB, a grocery store, and the Pop-up Birthday Organization to give up to the community and surprise one deserving with Christmas goodies. 


The family chosen was a single mom, Anna, and her son Dan. She had recently moved to Texas with her toddler to start over, Van Der Beek and his kids were able to make her Christmas wishes come true with their generosity.

The father of five had explained in the HEB YouTube video that giving back is a big part of Texas tradition and his own traditions with his family, and its an important thing to teach his kids, as he said

"Giving back is a Texas tradition. It's part of our tradition, too, and it's something I really want to teach my kids."


Van Der Beek and two of his kids, Joshua and Anabel, went through the HEB store and bought all sorts of lovely and Christmassy things for the family. 

The goodies included baking items for cookies, kitchenware, board games, different toys, and Christmas decorations as Van Der Beek had shared with his kids that Anna had asked for decorations.  


Joshua had wanted to get green slime for Dan, but luckily his dad had intervened and decided to do Anna a "favor" by not getting the green sticky smile for her son. 

The kids and their dad then went to deliver Christmas to Anna and her son. Anna had been overjoyed with all the gifts and decorations and had said that it was the biggest blessing and, 

"Thank you so much, man. It means so much to me. I'm so appreciative. This is the biggest blessing to happen." 


The 3 Van Der Beeks then helped Anna and Dan to decorated their apartment with the new decoration house, adding Christmas cheer and spirit to their home!

Van Der Beek shared that being in the position to be able to fill a truck with a Christmas tree and decorations for someone else was the biggest gift itself. 

Van Der Beek and his family recently moved to Texas from Los Angeles. It had announced it in September this year while sharing several photos of their empty Beverly Hills home. 

James and his wife Kimberly have 5 children together, Joshua, Anabel, Emilia, Gwendolyn, and Olivia. Unfortunately, the couple had a miscarriage early this year in June.