Singer El DeBarge Is Ageing Fine like Wine — See How Handsome He Looks at 59

At 59, Legendary singer El Debarge still retains the same good looks and charms with which he won hearts at the onset of his showbiz career.

Singer El DeBarge has not aged a bit since his first foray into stardom almost four decades ago. Recent shots of the icon making the rounds on social media serve as proof of his youthful appearance even at fifty-nine.

One picture shared to his Facebook account showed the star looking handsome and ageless in a brown jacket and colorful head warmer as he extended Christmas wishes to fans.

Singer El DeBarge at the BET AWARDS at Nokia Theatre L.A. LIVE on June 29, 2014. |  Photo: Getty Images

Singer El DeBarge at the BET AWARDS at Nokia Theatre L.A. LIVE on June 29, 2014. | Photo: Getty Images

In another Facebook pic, DeBarge posed alongside TV personality, Steve Harvey and motivational speaker Tim Storey during an appearance on “The Steve Harvey Show.”

He also shares videos of some of his activities on occasions, giving fans glimpses into his life. Following a Twitter video posted in August, fans appealed to the icon to improve his social media activities by sharing more clips of himself.

While trying to maintain an impressive online presence, the music star has kept up with his career, as evident in one of his captions which read:

“Great time and great people last weekend… Can’t wait to perform in New Orleans tomorrow.”

The accompanying picture featured the legend, posing alongside R&B songstress, Michel’Le, who leaned securely on his shoulders.  

Having the two music legends in a single photo left fans yearning for the good old days when the duo were somewhat demigods in the music world.

DeBarge has lived through his fair share of tribulations since the onset of his career. From his early years struggling to grow his career as part of the DeBarge singing group, to his highly publicized battle with drug addiction.

They have a better chance to express themselves if I wasn’t around.

The singer began his career as the lead singer of the family group, which comprised eight of the ten DeBarge siblings. His impressive piano and singing prowess soon earned him favors from Motown CEO, Berry Gordy, who signed the group.

At the peak of his career, El DeBarge embraced a solo music pursuit. He went on to release hit songs like “Second Chance” which snagged him a Grammy nomination. Speaking on his decision to quit the family singing group, he once divulged:

“I wanted to move out of the group and give the others some creative space. They have a better chance to express themselves if I wasn’t around.”

But it has not always been a smooth ride for the music legend. He experienced one of his lowest points in 2012 after getting arrested for drug possession in Los Angeles.

The case was eventually dismissed for lack of sufficient evidence, with the star posting bail of $30,000. Prior to that incident, the 53-year-old singer served over a year in prison for drug abuse, completing his time in 2008.

He also had several stints in rehab to overcome the habit, which eventually paid off. In addition, the “Second Chance” singer encountered several brushes with the law for charges related to domestic violence and vandalism.

Notwithstanding, the father-of-twelve lived past the scandals and learned to lead a lifestyle that has left him looking ageless, with no telltale signs of his tumultuous past.

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