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Check Out Tom Hanks' New Haircut for His Upcoming Elvis Biopic – Here's How He Feels about It

Manuela Cardiga
Dec 31, 2020
06:50 P.M.
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Tom Hanks revealed the drastic changes he had to go through for his new role in the forthcoming Baz Luhrmann biopic on The King, "Elvis."


Academy Award winner Tom Hanks took on the role Thomas "Colonel Tom" Parker, Elvis Presley's manager in a forthcoming biopic, "Elvis," and got a new haircut for the part

Fans are used to seeing Hanks don new personas like a second skin, but his transformation into Colonel Tom left the host and guests on "The Graham Norton Show" gasping.

Tom Hanks at the European premiere of "Toy Story 4" in 2019 in London, England | Source: Getty Images



Hanks, who is currently in Australia with his wife Rita Wilson, was interviewed online by Graham Norton about his forthcoming film, "Elvis," in which he plays The King's notorious manager, Colonel Tom.

Colonel Tom represented Elvis throughout his entire career and is thought to have influenced his decisions with regards to both his professional and his personal life, including his marriage to Priscilla.

Hanks, who was once famous for his mop of curls, jokingly declared that he would grow a full beard so he could angle for the role of Graham Norton.



Hanks revealed to Norton that playing Colonel Tom had demanded a certain sacrifice on his part. The actor, who was wearing a baseball cap stood up and took it off, exclaiming:

"Let me show you the horrible haircut I have to have in order to play Colonel Tom Parker. Can you see that?"



Of course, since Hanks was standing up his head was out of the camera's view, and at Norton's urging he sat down, bringing his newly bald head into view. Hanks joked:

"I just scared the children! I want to apologize."


Hanks, who was once famous for his mop of curls, jokingly declared that he would grow a full beard so he could angle for the role of Graham Norton in a film about the show host's life.

Hanks went on to talk about the role and described Colonel Tom as a genius who had understood Elvis' potential at first sight and a scoundrel who had taken advantage of the star throughout his career.


Hanks, who is a friend of Priscilla Presley's asked her for her impressions of Colonel Tom and was astounded by her response. Hanks said:

"I was expecting to hear stories about the distrust she had for 'Colonel Tom' (...) And she said, 'No. He was a wonderful man.'"

Hanks and his wife both contracted COVID-19 while in Australia but have since recovered. The film "Elvis" is due for release sometime in 2021 and costars Austin Butler as Elvis Presley.