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Woman Makes Mother Homeless after She Mocked the Death of Her Fiancé

Oyin Balogun
Jan 09, 2021
05:10 A.M.
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A woman took to the social media platform Reddit to narrate the reason why she threw her mother out of her house after she mocked the death of her fiancé.


The bond between family members has often been described as unbreakable, but these bonds can sometimes be stretched to its limit, leaving people to do the unthinkable.

A Reddit user took the platform to share with other users why she made her mother homeless after enduring her mockery of her fiancé's death.

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According to the user, her mom was evicted from her house at the start of the pandemic. She offered her her place while she sorted herself.

During this time, her fiancé of six years passed on after contracting COVID-19, leaving her depressed. To get over it, she focused on work but still feels the hurt.

Her mother's stance on the pandemic does not help matters as she considers the virus a hoax and holds funny ideas about the vaccine.

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The writer's mom believes COVID-19 is the plan of the Chinese to dominate the world. After her fiancé's death, her opinion did not change, and instead, she made a mockery of his death.

Another user remarked that her mom should take her dark sense of humor elsewhere where it is appreciated.

Her mom holds the insensitive opinion that her fiancé died out of fear or something else. She believes that only people who are afraid of the virus die of it.

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This user has been putting up with her mother's insensitive comments because she will be homeless if she reacts to them.

All hell broke loose one day when she got home from work and saw a well-decorated cake. Surprised, she thought she had forgotten her mom's birthday, so she decided to ask her what the celebration was. Her response left her in shock.

Looking excited, her mom said she was celebrating the 200,000 death milestone their country had reached. She remarked that she wants to celebrate the death of all the idiots that died from the hoax.

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Angry, she threw the cake over the wall and asked her why she was celebrating something that sensitive, knowing she is still mourning the death of her fiancé to the virus.

Her mom remarked that her fiancé was a weak person, so he died, and her daughter was better off. She said she would probably get better grandchildren.

At this point, she could no longer hold her rage. She escorted her mom out of her house and told her to spend the night in a hotel and return to pick her things the next morning.

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Other relatives have called her to tell her that she is a horrible person driving her mom who raised her out of her house. Feeling bad, she sought the opinion of other users.

One user remarked that kicking her mom out was the best thing, and she should cut her off from her life. Another user stated that her mom should take her dark sense of humor elsewhere where it is appreciated.

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