January 12, 2021

Man Mocks Brother about His Wife Making More Money Than Him

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A man recently took to the social media platform, Reddit, to share a story about how he mocked his elder brother about his wife earning more salary than him.

A Reddit user took to the popular opinion platform to share a story of what transpired between himself and his elder brother, wherein he mocked the latter about his earnings.

The man gave the back story that his elder brother was someone who believed in the traditional family roles, and although he was not a misogynist, his views on life and family were somewhat backward.

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The Reddit user explained that he has been married to his wife for two years and that she had always made more than him by a wide margin as she was a pediatric oncologist.

He added that he considered quitting his job to become a house husband and shared the idea with his elder brother, who warned him against the idea.


He added that his elder brother made fun of him that he chose to ignore him. Besides making fun of him, he often gave dumb takes, saying things about him giving his wife the incentive to cheat.

The Reddit user added that sometime in June last year, his elder brother lost his job due to cutbacks that were happening in the district area. Luckily for them, the elder brother's wife still had her job.


With this new development, the elder brother had to look for another job, and while he got one, he had to start at the bottom of the ladder, and his paycheck was significantly less than his wife's.

According to the user, he invited his brother and his wife for dinner, and while they were eating and discussing, he made a joke about his elder brother's wife who is the breadwinner and man of the house now.


While the elder brother's wife found the joke funny, his brother and his own wife were angry about it. Ever since he made the joke, he hinted that his brother had been pissed at him.

The user explained that he talked to his elder brother's wife, who told him that his brother was pissed because it felt like he was making fun of him for losing his job.


His wife has also been mad at him but for a different reason. She believes he is upset because she makes more than him, and if he were not upset, he would not have made such an insensitive joke.

While the user concluded that he does not feel he said anything wrong, he feels terrible that they are upset with him. Click here to read a similar story about a lady who removed her sister from her wedding.