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Middle-Aged Mom Refuses to Use Daughter's College Fund to Support Her Unborn Grandchild

Odette Odendaal
Jan 17, 2021
09:40 P.M.
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Louisa finds herself in a tough spot with her daughter in early adulthood, but she is determined to be the best mother she can be, even if everyone turns against her.


Now in her mid-40s, Louisa lives a comfortable life with her daughter, Kelly, who she thought up until a week ago was going to college. But a lot can change in a short time.

From the outside, it looks like the ideal life. Louisa's high-paying job affords them many nice things, and she is fairly open and receptive as a mom. All the more reason, the change in circumstance caught her off guard.

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But the nice life didn't come easy. Louisa's husband, Dylan, unexpectedly died from an aneurysm when Kelly was a baby. So Louisa finished her business degree and worked her way up to the corner office.

When Dylan and Louisa found out they were pregnant, Dylan started a college fund for their unborn child. Louisa continued adding to the fund, and when Kelly turned 17, Louisa sat her down and told her.

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Kelly was excited about going to college, and Louisa felt grateful that she could give her daughter that opportunity, especially amid the troubling pandemic.

In turn, Kelly freaked out. Neither she nor her boyfriend has jobs.

However, a week ago, Kelly told her mom that she's pregnant, and due in August. Louisa thought it happened by accident, as Kelly was on birth control. But it was not the case.

Kelly had gone off her usual birth control because she wanted to use another method. So in the months that followed, she kept quiet about it and pretended to use the kind her mom knew about.


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Louisa overheard a conversation between Kelly and her boyfriend, wherein she eased his financial worries by assuring him that she has college money to pay for their baby's needs.


There is one thing Louisa made crystal clear.

This did not go over well with Louisa, who handled it by asking Kelly the following day how she intended to look after her child once born. After getting the expected answer, Louisa put her foot down.

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She told Kelly that the college fund was for studies only, not for childrearing. In turn, Kelly freaked out. Neither she nor her boyfriend has jobs; how would they take care of their baby with no college fund?

Louisa insists that Kelly get a part-time job of sorts after giving birth to provide for her child. But as a mom, she's sad that her daughter chose to take a harder path in life when she had an easier one given to her.

However, if there is one thing Louisa made crystal clear, it is that the college fund will remain as is until Kelly or her child want to use it to better their education.

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Is it time for Kelly to learn that actions have consequences? Did she get pregnant on purpose? Is Louisa doing the right thing by standing her ground?

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