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34-Year-Old Woman Yells at a Nurse for Her Prank

Lois Oladejo
Jan 20, 2021
01:10 A.M.
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A 34-year-old pregnant woman yelled at a nurse for her insensitive prank during her last visit to the hospital. The prank was about her unborn child.


Jane had been married to her loving husband, Philip, for over a decade. Unfortunately, their marriage had been fruitless, which caused the couple a lot of distress.

Jane wanted a child badly and had gone great lengths to see that she conceived but to no avail. About six months ago, she had a fever, which forced her to visit the hospital.

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After a series of tests, the doctor told Jane that she was pregnant. Jane was taken aback by the news. She was skeptical about the doctor's report, so she visited another hospital, but the result was the same.

Months went by, and Jane's baby bump grew bigger. Amidst her skepticism, she hoped things would be different with this pregnancy. She was almost due for delivery, and there were no ominous signs. She had her fingers crossed.

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About a week before her delivery, Jane visited the hospital for her regular checkup. After the doctor conducted a series of tests, he asked Jane to stay back for the result.

Jane got physical with the nurse.

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While waiting for the doctor, a nurse walked into the doctor's office. She asked Jane a couple of questions. Jane's heart sunk into her stomach when the nurse told her that her baby had no heartbeat. Right there, her world turned pitch black.

How was that possible? She had done a check a week ago, and everything was fine. All of a sudden, the nurse started to laugh. Jane was perplexed at her outburst and asked the nurse what was wrong.

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The nurse told Jane that it was a prank, which sent the pregnant woman into a fit of rage. Jane got physical with the nurse, yelled some offensive words at her, and dashed out of the doctor's office.

Did Jane overreact? Given her history with miscarriages, was it right that the nurse joked with a sensitive issue? What would you have done if you were in Jane's shoes?

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