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January 21, 2021

'Blue Bloods' Season 11 Episode 5 Spoilers — Check Out the Release Date & Plot Details

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The fifth episode of the eleventh season of the CBS series, "Blue Bloods," is set to premiere on Friday, January 22, and fans cannot wait to watch it.

The CBS crime drama series, "Blue Bloods," has been a source of delight in many households as viewers anticipate more thrilling dramas and revelations with each new episode.

This week, another dose of adventures is in stock for fans, with the thrills of the upcoming episode, titled "Spilling Secrets," which premieres on Friday.



Spoilers of the Season 11, episode 5 have made the rounds on the internet ahead of its release, further heightening viewer's curiosity. The episode unveiled several conspiracies going by the spoilers, most centered around government strata and law enforcement.

It features Eddie Janko-Reagan, played by Vanessa Ray, and her partner, Witten tapped in a possible conspiracy. Following their brave efforts to shop an active shooter, the force saw it fit to herald their acts of bravery.

However, the tables turned against them when a civilian alleged, publicly, that they staged the act in line with a government conspiracy. Rather than relish the rewards of their servitude, the two are left working tirelessly to set the records straight and clear their names.


The cast of "Blue Bloods" at the Reagan family dinner table on September 18, 2013. | Photo: Getty Images


Taking a slight deviation from the ill-lucked partners, the episode highlighted Frank Reagan's ordeals. Records of his father's cash transactions to the same unknown recipient for almost a decade piqued his interest, sending him on a secret-packed investigative mission.


Danny and Baez also had their moments in this upcoming episode. The duo's mission to investigate a murder case left them caught up in a sibling rivalry between the man's two sons. Finally, Sean faces more anti-police trolling in school, which may have gone a little overboard this time. 



Having the show deviate from the commonly heralded characters like Erin Reagan and her usual circle to bring Eddie, Danny, and Sean into the spotlights is a move fans would not have anticipated.

Notwithstanding, this upcoming episode and its scandal-filled storyline are undoubtedly worth every moment, especially after viewers endured a temporary hiatus from "Blue Bloods" last Friday.

The heat of the two-week anticipation has left many yearning for the show. Tom Selleck, who plays Frank Reagan, graced "The Talk" last week to discuss the show and throw more light on the new episode ahead of its release, granting fans a level of satisfaction.



Viewers of the CBS series may recall the previous episode's highlights, which aired two weeks ago. The Friday, January 8 episode, titled "Redemption," followed the internal struggles of Frank Reagan, who found himself caught in the web of a tough decision.


When Detective Allison Mulaney wound up in a wheelchair after sustaining incapacitating injuries in the line of duty, Frank is left solely to decide whether or not to cut her off the department.


Despite her condition, Mulaney's untainted on-the-job record and her determination and passion to remain in the department made the decision even harder for Frank.

Erin also found herself in a similar situation, as she is conflicted with the mandate to sentence a man found guilty of vehicular homicide. Elsewhere in the episode, Danny and Baez tried to catch a rideshare rapist.

If the heat of the previous episodes of the show is not proof enough of the exciting scandals and drama to expect come Friday, the episode's title is enough to keep one's imagination racing.