January 25, 2021

Ciara Looks Cute with Pink Hair Dancing to Michael Jackson Song in a White Bathrobe — See Video

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In a recent media update, Ciara is seen channeling her inner Michael Jackson as she belted out some classic moves in her white robe. The star also showed off her chic hair color. 

Ciara's Instagram share was nothing short of dancing expertise. It showed her giving fans a glimpse of her leg moves. Standing in her white bathroom robe, the singer danced to a Michael Jackson classic. She captioned the post:

"Woke up and felt like groovin a little. #saturday #Dance..."

Ciara at VH1's "Dear Mama: A Love Letter To Moms" event on May 02, 2019. | Photo: Getty Images


The award-winning singer filmed herself indoors, rocking her bright blush pink tresses which flowed down her shoulders. While Jackson's "Do You Remember the Time?" played in the background, Ciara did several of his record-breaking dance moves. 

The "I Bet" singer might have been sporting a simple robe, but she spiced things up with some gold jewelry on her wrist, a statement silver ring, and a necklace. Through the one minute video, Ciara belted out moves like the kick, the robot, and the moonwalk. 


In the past few months, updates about Ciara have mostly been about how she's been managing life as a working mom and getting back her snapback body.

Just five months after giving birth to her third child, Win, the star mom noted that she had lost some considerable weight regarding her weight loss goal. 

Ciara mentioned that she was shocked at how she pulled through wearing a facemask during delivery. 


On her Instagram page, the songstress gave props to the famous weight loss franchise WW and how the app helped her lose 5lbs following her natural 15-lb weight loss. The star chimed in her caption:

"I'm proud to share that I've joined the @ww family! The program is realistic for my goals and I'm having fun with the app!.."

The star singer, who doubles as a pro dancer, and her husband, Russell Wilson, welcomed their second child together last July amid the first wave of the novel coronavirus pandemic.


While sharing her experience as a mom giving birth during the pandemic, Ciara mentioned that she was shocked at how she pulled through wearing a facemask during delivery. 

The mom-of-three shared that she was amazed after her obstetrician instructed that she wear a facemask, even while pushing her baby. She added that she could breathe through the protective item, but it still felt unbelievable that she had to wear one. 

Little Win Harrison Wilson joined his older siblings, Sienna and Future, making his dad a second-time father and his mom a mom-of-three. Ciara's first child, Future, is from her previous relationship with star rapper Future, real name Nayvaduiys Wilburn.