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Man Tries to Ask His Wife about Her Weight — Here's What Happened

Christell Fatima M. Tudtud
Jan 26, 2021
08:15 A.M.
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Weight can be a sensitive issue between a couple. When a spouse starts to look different from the one in the wedding photos, bringing it up can lead to a conflict. Such happened to Ricky.


Ricky and Nemia have been together for seven years. They share a strong physical attraction. Before getting married three years ago, they both weighed 140lbs. But they now have quite a disparity in their weight.

While Ricky has managed to maintain his weight, his wife put on quite a few more pounds. She now weighs nearly 200lbs. Their weight difference is highlighted even more by the fact that she's shorter than him by six inches.

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Without pointing out her weight gain, Ricky had hinted at it by inviting his wife to the gym with him. She went with him once, and it did not happen again, to his disappointment.

While Ricky had always hoped his wife would not become obese, he is more concerned about her health than the way she looks. He found himself in a dilemma about whether to point out her weight gain.

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Ricky waited for the right moment to bring the weight issue up, but he did not know when the best time would be. He was worried his wife would be offended. Until one dinner, Ricky just blurted out:

"Honey, I think you've put on weight. I'm a bit worried for you."

Nemia fell silent all of a sudden as if she heard a piece of incredibly terrible news. They have been together for such a long time that Ricky knew she did not take his remark well.

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After a moment of silence, she started crying and asked him, "Are you ashamed of me now? Do you regret marrying me because I don't look like the woman you married anymore?"

Ricky was taken aback by his wife's response. Although he knew it was a sensitive topic, he did not expect his wife would quickly overreact. He tried to diffuse the situation.

Nemia said she has never been fond of exercising as she never gained much weight before.

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He told Nemia that he does not care about how she looks, that he was only worried about her health. But before he could explain further, Nemia stood up and stormed to their room.

Ricky briefly regretted bringing up the topic, but he knew there was no better time to say it. He allowed Nemia to process her feelings for half an hour, and then he went up to their room.

Ricky reiterated that he loves Nemia unconditionally and never intended to make her feel bad about herself by telling her that she gained weight. Nemia told him that she was not in full control of her body. She said her being overweight might be hereditary.


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Ricky assured her that he understood. But he also said they could try doing more exercises together. Nemia said she has never been fond of exercising as she never gained much weight before. But she told Ricky she would give the gym another try, for her own sake. All is well that ends well.

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