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Man Refuses to Give His Parking Spot to a Disabled Woman

Lois Oladejo
Jan 26, 2021
05:20 P.M.
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A young man refused to play the gentleman and give up his parking space for a disabled woman who had just moved into the building he was living in. Here's what happened.

25-year-old James recently got an apartment in a good location in New York. A lovely part of the deal was that he got to have his own parking space.

For James, having his own parking space was something he cherished, and to ice the cake, his spot was close to the elevator, which meant quick access to his apartment. He loved his new home.

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A few months down the line, James got a call from the building manager, who asked for a favor from him. The manager, Smith, asked James if he would be willing to give up his parking spot for a disabled woman moving in.

Being a gentleman, James agreed to it, thinking he would be switching places with the woman. Smith informed him that he would be giving up his space totally because the disabled woman used a van and would need both parking spaces.

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At this point, James turned down the offer because having a parking space was the perk in living in the building. A week after that conversation, James got home from work only to find a large van lying in his parking space, leaving him with no room to park his car.

James said he was uncomfortable with being woken up every morning to move his car, and the disabled woman said she was promised a parking spot. Trying to be friendly, James parked his car as far away from the van as he could.

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The next morning, by 7:30, he got a call from someone who said she was the owner of the van and wanted him to move his car from where it was parked so she could move out.

Although he was angry that he was woken up from a much-needed sleep, he obliged and went down to get his car out of the way. This scenario continued for the next three days, with the woman interrupting his sleep, sometimes as early as 5:30 am.

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James was getting uncomfortable with the situation and decided to voice out. He confronted the disabled woman and told her that he did not like to be woken up before 8 am.

The disabled woman gave him an unpleasant response. She told him that he must be kidding to think she would have to wait for him to get up from bed before she went out for her day. James tried reminding her that he was doing her a favor.

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That same evening, James got home to meet her van parked in his space, leaving him with no room to park. He put a call through to her, but her response turned him off.

James threatened to have her car towed from his space if she did not come down to it in 5 minutes, but all his demands fell on deaf ears.

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In anger, James called the towing company to get her car out of his space. It took the towing company 30 minutes to get down to the scene, but the woman had still not made the trip downstairs.

After getting her car towed, the disabled woman called the manager, requesting that he settled the situation. Smith asked the duo to reach a compromise, but James refused, stating that the space was part of his lease.

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James said he was uncomfortable with being woken up every morning to move his car, and the disabled woman said she was promised a parking spot. Angrily, James told her the agreement was none of his business; he just wanted her off his space.

The disabled woman felt terrible that he was unwilling to help out, while James felt tired of the inconvenience of running around every morning to get his car out of the way. Between the duo, who do you think should have been more understanding?

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