World Cancer Day — Here Are a Few Simple Steps to Prevent Cancer or Find It Early

Busayo Ogunjimi
Feb 03, 2021
11:10 P.M.

People around the world will mark World Cancer Day on Thursday, February 4, 2021. With the disease still prevalent today, here are few easy steps to prevent the deadly disease or detect it early.


As the world has come to know, cancer is one of the deadliest diseases that can affect man. The term describes diseases in which unusual cells divide without control, posing a danger to other body tissues.

Besides invading tissues, these abnormal cells can spread to other parts of the body, using the circulatory and lymph systems as a means of transport. Today, there are over 100 kinds of cancer, which means it is not just a disease but many diseases.

Photo of a man having a diagnosis | Photo: Unsplash

Photo of a man having a diagnosis | Photo: Unsplash


While cancer has no cure, prevention and early detection are crucial to keeping safe from the disease. Here are a few tips to aid cancer prevention and early detection.


It is essential to go for screening tests regularly. During these tests, doctors are able to find cervical, breast, and colon cancers early.

The treatment works best when cancerous cells are discovered early. It is advisable for people who are deemed to be at high risk to go for lung cancer screening early.



Another way to prevent cancer is to take vaccines. When people take the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine, it helps prevent most cervical cancers and other forms of cancer. Taking the hepatitis B vaccine also reduces one's risk of having liver cancer.


Besides going for screening tests and getting vaccinated, people need to live healthily to avoid cancer. Living healthy involves making the right choices for one's health.


One must take steps to keep a healthy weight by exercising regularly. Excessive smoking of tobacco or drinking of alcohol should be avoided.

People should protect their skin from dangerous rays and cancer-causing skincare products and keep to the ten commandments of cancer prevention.


Many people have been known to ask why some people get cancer, and others don't. From research, it is now known that certain risk factors increase one's chances of getting the disease.


These risk factors include age, excessive alcohol intake, exposure to cancer-causing substances, chronic inflammation, poor diet, hormones, and immunosuppression.

Other factors include infectious agents, exposure to radiation, obesity, sunlight, and tobacco. Knowing these and other key facts about cancer can help prevent the deadly disease or aid its treatment.

As the world marks World Cancer Day this year, hope remains that a lasting cure would be found for the disease one day. Till then, everyone must take the necessary preventive measures.

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