Daily Joke: John Smith, Who Is a Protestant, Moves into a Large Catholic Neighborhood

Here is a joke about John, born a Protestant but living in a Catholic-dominated neighborhood, where they tried to resolve the issue of the odd one out. 

John was a fish right out of water in his new neighborhood dominated by Catholics while he was a Protestant. The difference became glaring during lent when everyone was required to eat fish.

Every Friday, the young man's neighbors were gathered in their homes making a fish feast in honor of lent, but he would be at his home making juicy steaks.

A portrait of a young man holding a bible. | Photo: Getty Images

A portrait of a young man holding a bible. | Photo: Getty Images

This went on for a while until the Catholics had enough of the difference. They gathered together one day, trying to decipher a lasting solution to John's tempting steaks. 

Soon enough, they unanimously decided that John would have to convert into Catholicism, and so it began. They went to him, pitched the idea, and successfully convinced him to agree. 

The steak-eating guy was taken to church, and after, the priest said a few prayers and blessed him. He baptized him, sprinkling some water and uttered:

"You were born a Baptist, you were raised a baptist, and now you are a catholic."

The men in the neighborhood could not be any more joyful about this as they celebrated and revealed that they were free of steaks during lent. Things went on fine, and the next lent was observed.

One Friday evening, while everyone gathered in the comfort of their homes about to feast on fish, history repeated itself. Just like the old times, John's juicy steak came wafting around their homes.

The men were once again perplexed about what was going on. Deciding that John might have forgotten it was a Friday in Lent, they all filed to his house. 

Getting there, they met the unbothered man in his yard, with a steak getting doused in sprinkles of water. All the while, he was telling the steak:

"You were born a cow, you were raised a cow, and now you are a fish."

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Source: Reddit

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