Multiple Injuries Reported after a Massive Pile up Blocked the Highway in Oklahoma

A massive car pileup on a highway in Oklahoma has led to multiple injuries after two semi-trucks collided and burst into flames due to heavy snow blankets covering the road.

Multiple people have been rushed to the hospital for serious injuries after a massive pileup occurred on a highway in Oklahoma on Sunday evening due to the icy rods caused by the harsh winter weather.

According to announcements by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, the incident happened on the Turner Turnpike highway close to Post Road around 3 pm after two semi-trucks collided and went up in flames.

The collision occurred due to the heavy fall of snow and ice that covered most of the United States cities, going as far as Del Rio, Texas, close to the US-Mexico border. Several people have since been taken to the hospital.

Videos and pictures going around social media show firefighters working to extinguish the flames from the collision. The Oklahoma National Guard is also on the ground to provide first aid and transport victims to the hospital.

The actual number of victims involved and the extent of their injuries haven’t been confirmed. Also, the exact number of cars involved in the crash hasn’t been discovered. Amid the crash, the highway would reportedly be closed for 8 hours.

The crash in Oklahoma is the latest massive car pileups occurring in the United States due to icy roads.

In an update on Twitter, the OHP announced that traffic has since been diverted to Hogback Road and warned residents to stay home. According to reports, the heavy ice storm is expected to affect over 200 million Americans.

The disastrous pileup came after Oklahoma announced a state of emergency for all 77 counties due to the horrendous weather conditions. The state also temporarily suspended weight permits for oversized vehicles for supplying emergency reliefs.

As for trucks carrying propane, specific regulations have been put on hold for now. During the state of emergency, three overnight shelters and three day-warming centers have been made available for residents.

The crash in Oklahoma is the latest massive car pileups occurring in the United States due to icy roads. On Thursday, the city of Fort Worth in Texas experienced a devastating 133-car pileup.

The tragic incident resulted in six lives lost and several dozens injured, receiving treatment at the hospital. Per reports, the snowstorm has caused Texas to experience its coldest temperature in 30 years. Our prayers are with the victims.

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