February 20, 2021

Steve Harvey's Wife Looks Ethereal in a Fluffy Pink Coat with a Tight Black Jumpsuit & Heels

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Steve Harvey's star wife, Marjorie Harvey's exquisite sense of style was on an all-time high as she showed off and showed out in high-end fashionable wear.

Marjorie Harvey has proven time and time again that she is fit for the fashion goddess title, and her recent Instagram show-off was no exception as she gave fans a glimpse of her fashion choices.

Marjorie stood out in her snowy location, putting some heat on the ice around her by showing off her sizzling curves. The star backed up her mainstream outfit with the right amount of sass. 

Steve Harvey and Marjorie Harvey at the 2015 Miss Universe Pageant at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino on December 20, 2015 | Photo: Getty Images


The fashion connoisseur was photographed from a vantage point, showing her from afar. Marjorie donned a fluffy pink cloak that came with a hoodie over her all-black outfit. 

The star backed it all up with a pair of heeled boots while she strutted and posed on a bridge. She had no hair out of place flaunting her elite fashion, while many fans trooped to the comments section showing their admiration and approval.


Over the years, Marjorie has come to earn fashion lovers' approval because of how she doles out top-notch outfits from her fashion lookbook. Besides this, the star is a loving family woman who supports her family.

For a while now, [Steve and Marjorie] have endured rumors stating that they were getting a divorce.


The Steve and Marjorie Foundation co-founder has been married to the showman for over a decade and from their show of affection, it's been nothing but bliss. The pair got married in 2007 and joined their blended family. 

Early this year, Steve and his wife took some precious moments off their busy schedule as they sunbathed in St. Barts. The couple boarded a luxury yacht where they lived it up. Steve worked out with a resistance rope while his wife opted for ski-jetting.


For a while now, the "Family Feud" host and his wife have endured rumors stating that they were getting a divorce, however, fans have only witnessed how their love waxed stronger. 

The duo first met in the 90s during one of Steve's standup shows. At the time, the TV host was just beginning to gain fame. Marjorie turned out to be the one who got away, but she and Steve later reunited in the 2000s. 

The couple has both been married before. The "The Steve Harvey Show" icon tried marriage twice and has four kids, while Marjorie was married once with three children. The couple's kids are all grown and making moves in their chosen fields.