February 20, 2021

Angela Simmons Shows Her Body in All Its Beauty as She Pours Her Curves into a Nude Jumpsuit

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Famous social media personality Angela Simmons recently stunned her fans on social media when she shared a series of hot photos that featured her posing up a storm in a nude outfit.

Angela Simmons takes a lot of pride in her body, and everybody knows it. The gorgeous shoe designer is fond of posting pulse-quickening photos of herself all over social media pages.

One of her most recent posts includes a series of shots that feature her posing in a nude jumpsuit that fit snugly around her tall curvy frame. She wore her long dark hair in loose waves that fell past her shoulders. 

Angela Simmons at WE tv's celebration of "Growing Up Hip-Hop" Season 3 on July 20, 2017 | Photo: Getty Images


She had on moderate makeup and she stood barefoot on an exposed balcony. Behind her, the ocean made for a great background.

Simmons captioned the post: "Bare Truth"— most likely in respect to the outfit she had on. The nude tone made only a slight contrast to her own ebony brown skin. 


In the comments section, her fans gushed over the shot. Many of them lavished compliments on her, and where words failed some, the trusty emojis were there to fall back on.

The gorgeous post has garnered more than 61,000 likes on Instagram. These are not new numbers for Simmons, who often makes the headlines because of the unapologetic pictures of her body she posts.

Simmons has had her fair share of insecurities, especially those that arose after childbirth.


In June 2020, her mouth-watering body physique went viral on social media after a video of her in a bathing suit was posted on "Growing Up Hip-Hop's" Instagram page.

Before the video's release, Simmons had been making waves on social media because of a shot she shared via Instagram on April 30. The shot featured her posing in a mismatched swimsuit with a pink top and an orange bottom. 


A sensational caption followed the post, which revealed just how much pride the mother-of-one has in her body. That post garnered more than 200,000 likes on Instagram, and her fans would not stop singing her praises.

While she may seem the epitome of confidence, Simmons has had her fair share of insecurities, especially those that arose after childbirth. She opened up about this in an Instagram post she shared with her fans in 2017. 


Thankfully, she weathered that storm and came out on top. Now things are going great for her; her business is booming, and a certain eligible bachelor may have his sights set on her.

That's Bow Wow, and though the pair have reportedly been friends for about two decades, there is the possibility of them becoming more. They are not about to rush things, though, as their friendship takes priority, but fans can hope.