February 21, 2021

Daily Joke: A Lawyer Was Reading His Client's Will — It Had One Shocking Twist

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Today’s #jokeoftheday is about a lawyer who was reading a deceased client’s will for his grieved family. Little did they know that it had a shocking twist no one saw coming.

After a wealthy engineer had passed, he instructed his lawyer to gather his family a week after his burial and read to them the details of his will. A week after the funeral, the lawyer called the family into his office and began reading. He said:

“To my loving wife Mary, my rock and without whom my life would have been very different, I leave the mansion in Sydney and $20 million.”

A photo of a lawyer at his office. | Photo: Pexels


After reading the first statement, he paused and looked at everyone, allowing them to take in the information before he proceeded to read the next part of the will, which was addressed to the daughter, Amy.

He turned to her and read what her late father wrote. The engineer first praised his daughter for being by his side when his health began to fail and how she never even complained once. He gave her his yacht, his business, and $1 million.


Again, the lawyer paused and looked around, ensuring that everyone took in the information. After a few seconds of silence, he cleared his throat and began reciting the last. He said:

“And to my brother Neville who argues with me constantly, hated my guts and thought I would never mention him in my will. Well, you were wrong. Hi Neville!”


Another hilarious joke tells the story of a bank manager who had reached the final stage of his hiring process, and it was down to two applicants who were applying to be cashiers at the bank.

The first man did pretty well, a graduate from a small college upstate. He was excellent, but he was a bit timid, and the bank manager didn’t like that, so he called on the second applicant to come inside.


He yelled, “Jim Johnson,” and in came a muscular young man who was superconfident. He took majestic strides. One could almost think he owned the bank. The manager was impressed and sent the first applicant home. He then said to Johnson:

“I like the way you carry yourself – that’s an important asset for the job as a cashier. However, you must be precise.”


He asked Johnson why he refused to fill in the location of his formal education on the application form, but the young man stared at him awkwardly. The manager repeated the question, and Johnson answered that it was Yale.

The bank manager was delighted and offered him the position. He asked Johnson what he would like to be called on the job, and he answered, saying, “I don’t care. Yim, or Mr. Yonson.” Click here to read about a man who left his widow 3 envelopes.