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Man Refuses to Open the Door for Brother and His Kids

Busayo Ogunjimi
Feb 18, 2021
06:15 P.M.
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Mike is a great uncle. Everyone in the family can testify of his incredible selfless nature. However, this past Valentine's Day, he refused to welcome his brothers and their children. Here is why.


Robin, 30, and Mike, 27, have been close for as long as they can remember. The brothers could pass for twins as they looked alike, sounded, and even dressed the same way.

After they got done with college, all that changed. They still maintained a closeness; after all, their mom Sofia emphasized that they do.

A worried man sitting in the kitchen with his hands on his face. | Photo: Getty Images

A worried man sitting in the kitchen with his hands on his face. | Photo: Getty Images


A few years later, Robin found the love of his life, became committed to her, and walked her down the aisle. They soon began having kids and continued enjoying their marriage.

Mike also found his Cinderella—Stacey. He married her, but before the two thought of growing the family, death snatched Stacey from him. She died from brain cancer last year.

It was a bit tough for the 27-year-old to begin life afresh. Still, with the help of his family's periodic checkup—as they expected him to move on sooner—he has been faring quite well.


Mike has been involved in family gatherings and babysits his older brother's three kids, his two nephews, and niece on several occasions. Following Valentine's Day celebration, Robin's brother sunk into an abyss of loneliness as he badly missed Stacey's company.

This was the first February 14 he would be spending without her. He went through pictures, replayed clips on that day to revisit the sweet old memories while wishing they had gone on to establish more.


Robin called asking that he watched over the kids during his down the memory lane episodes. The 30-year-old mentioned that he would soon arrive at Mike's house and was heading to dinner with his wife.

Before the younger sibling could decline, the father of three hung up. A few seconds later, he pulled up in front of his brother's home with the kids. Mike maintained that he was reflecting on himself and past love moments which he shared with the deceased.


He explained that having the kids would be a distraction and that he was unable to babysit. For some reason, Robin, alongside his wife, concluded that Mike was inconsiderate and selfish since he refused to open the door at all.

The news flew fast to Sofia, who did not waste time scolding her son for not helping out. She went on about the series of sacrifices she made for the entire family and maintained that Mike act right.


The mother of two spoke about how she saved Robin's marriage that seemed to be falling apart a few months ago and how she helped Mike to secure a good-paying job.

This made the 27-year-old feel bad. However, he explained that his alone time could not be disrespected or dishonored. In your view, are Mike's actions justifiable? What would you do differently if you were in his shoes?

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