Romain Bonnet of 'Selling Sunset' Is 12 Years Younger Than His Wife Mary Fitzgerald – Meet Him

Edduin Carvajal
May 29, 2021
10:00 A.M.

“Selling Sunset” star Romain Bonnet, who is married to Mary Fitzgerald, has been living in different countries since he was 18 years old. He’s now a project manager and model in Los Angeles.


Born and raised in Paris, France, Romain Bonnet always wanted to learn more about the modeling industry, but he only started pursuing it as a career after moving to Sydney, Australia.

Fortunately, after a very successful photo shoot, he attracted the attention of Wilhelmina Models, one of the most important modeling and talent agencies in the world, and is now part of it.

Promotional pic of Romain Bonnet | Photo: Courtesy of Romain Bonnet

Promotional pic of Romain Bonnet | Photo: Courtesy of Romain Bonnet

About four years ago, he moved to Los Angeles for his career, where he met and fell in love with Mary Fitzgerald, a realtor and main star of Netflix’s “Selling Sunset.” Their love story – especially their 12-year gap – was a hot topic in the show’s first season.

During this exclusive interview with AmoMama, Romain Bonnet shared details about his and Mary’s relationship and plans, how he got scouted as a model, and whether or not he and “Selling Sunset” star Davina Potratz have worked things out after their feud.


I will say hi if I see [Davina Potratz] because I’m polite. But that’s about it.


AmoMama (AM): Hi Romain! We really appreciate that you’re taking the time to answer these questions. How’s 2021 been for you so far?

Romain Bonnet (RB): 2021 has been busy, crazy busy. Mostly with construction, so many projects going on right now. The market is on fire in LA.

(AM): The pandemic gave many people a different perspective on life. How much did COVID-19 impact your daily routine and career as a model?

(RB): Well, to be honest, workwise as a project manager, not at all. We have been busier than ever. So many people are trying to fix, change or remodel their home while they are at home.


As a model, a lot. In the beginning, it was totally dead as clients were too scared, I think. But [after] a couple of months, it slowly started to pick up and restarted to shoot more often, taking all precautions to be safe.

(AM): You’re originally from France, right? When did you move to the States? Was it hard to get used to the different culture?

(RB): My mom is Italian and my dad's French, but yes, I’m born and raised in Paris. I moved to LA four years ago but lived in Sydney, Australia, for two years before coming here.

I started traveling around the world and living in different countries since I was 18. Moving somewhere is always hard, but it definitely helps when you have done it a couple of times.


(AM): Were you modeling in France, too? Did you always want to be a model?

(RB): No, everything started when I was living in Sydney. I wanted to try and get to know more about this world for quite a bit but never really got to before.

(AM): How did you get scouted?

(RB): After I did my first photo shoot, I got contacted by a well-known photographer that offered to work together. The shoot went so well, and I got some amazing shots from it.

He and I ended up posting those on Instagram, and from that, I got contacted by one of the agents that were working for Wilhelmina. He really liked the pictures and from that offered me to work together.


(AM): Do you consider you have made sacrifices for your career? If so, could you tell us a bit about it?

(RB): Well, I did a lot to try to get better, but mostly from myself. I’m really hard and strict with myself that I don’t count this as sacrifices, really. I also love working out and be in shape, which it’s important to be in this world, so it makes it easier for me.

(AM): Also, why Los Angeles instead of New York?

(RB): I went once to New York and loved it, but I have a preference for LA, for sure. First of all, the weather [laughs], but also the lifestyle. NYC is more similar to Paris, which I already knew. But also because the opportunity that was given to me was a job here in LA.


(AM): You and Mary Fitzgerald look so in love on social media. How long have you been married for?

(RB): Thank you so much! We are very much in love! We just celebrated our [undisclosed] wedding anniversary!

(AM): How did you guys meet? And also, was your 12-year age gap something any of you thought about when your relationship started flourishing?

(RB): We met through one of her contacts that was friends with the persons I was coming to work for. We obviously thought about it, but we had such a strong connection that we never really felt like we had any gap at all.

It may look like they fight a lot, but it’s not the case.


(AM): You guys have been part of “Selling Sunset” since the very first season. How did you guys get involved in the show?

(RB): All the agents got interviews, and obviously, Mary got picked up. Later on, when they started filming, they loved the relationship we had and also me with the twins. They asked me to come more often to show more of it and add me to the cast later.

(AM): Are you interested in becoming a realtor in the near future?

(RB): Never say never, but as of now, no. I really enjoy been a project manager. We’re also planning to flip houses with Mary, and obviously, between us two, we have the best combo.


(AM): Your relationship with Mary has been a central topic in the show. What has been the most challenging aspect of shooting the show together?

(RB): Probably dealing with everyone's judgment about our relationship.

(AM): Also, do you feel comfortable with how much the show shares about your life and relationship?

(RB): So far, yes. We knew when we started that we will be sharing a part of it.

(AM): We often hear reality TV stars complaining about how the episodes’ editing process makes things look more dramatic. Has that thought crossed your mind?

(RB): Well, we are filming for about six months that got edit in 16 episodes. So, obviously, they are going to put all the best moments to make it as good as possible for you guys, which is why it may look like they fight a lot, but it’s not the case.


(AM): Season 3 was quite intense, especially for you and Davina Potratz, who questioned your choice of engagement ring. Did you manage to work things out? How's your relationship with her?

(RB): Not really, to be honest, and it's probably better that way. I will say hi if I see her because I’m polite. But that’s about it.

(AM): A lot has been said about “Selling Sunset” season 4. Is it really happening? Are you part of it? What can we expect?

(RB): Nothing official yet, unfortunately. But will let you know as soon as we can.

Romain Bonnet and Mary Fitzgerald have not gone on their honeymoon yet. However, he told us that as soon as they can travel again, that is “on our top list.” What a beautiful couple!

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