Texas Volunteers Rescue Thousands of Sea Turtles Freezing in Extremely Cold Weather Conditions

A team of Texas volunteers has rescued thousands of sea turtles who were "cold-stunned" and couldn't swim to safety because of the state's harsh cold weather conditions.

Amid the devastating winter storm plaguing the state of Texas, a team of thoughtful volunteers has come together to rescue thousands of cold-stunned sea turtles who are struggling with surviving.

According to reports, more than 4,000 of the endangered species have been rescued and kept in shelters by a conservation group named Sea Turtle Inc. The rescued creatures have already filled up their facility in South Padre Island, Texas. 

More sea turtles have been taken to the city's convention center to keep them safe. While speaking to CBS, executive director Wendy Knight revealed that the shelter had been provided with a large generator to provide heat. In her words:

"This is a huge step forward. This is what putting passion into action means, and the service they provided us this morning will save countless turtles."

Unfortunately, the second location hasn't been provided with heat and water, but charged phones and spotlights help keep the creatures warm. Other volunteers have found ways to rescue the animals from the sea.

Sea turtles aren't the only animals in danger as a result of the icy weather conditions.

A Twitter user named Lara shared photos of her mother's Subaru filled with turtles, including one that was over 100 years old and weighed 350lbs. Per reports, sea turtles are unable to survive in freezing temperatures.

They usually become cold-stunned or experience hypothermia which sometimes causes their body temperature to become so low that they cannot eat, move or keep their head above the water.

Earlier this wee, Sea Turtle Inc. put out a statement, appreciating volunteers all over the state who were looking out for the creatures. They described the outpour of support as the "biggest sea turtle cold-stunned event in South Texas."

Award-winning actor and conservationist Leonardo DiCaprio also took to his Instagram to share photos of the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department at work, as they rescued numerous seas turtles.

According to CNN, sea turtles aren't the only animals in danger due to icy weather conditions. Some animals, including monkeys, chimpanzees, and birds at the San Antonio Primarily Primates, have sadly frozen to death.

The executive director of the organization noted that more animals are bound to die as the storm continues. Now the sanctuary is in a dilemma as they are deciding what animals to save.

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