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Man Uninvited His Mom, Aunt, and Sister to His Wedding — Here's Why

Cathrine Mabvudza
Feb 22, 2021
09:15 A.M.
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Today's story of the day focuses on one man who decided to uninvite his own mother, aunt, and sister to his wedding. Keep reading to find out what led to such an unexpected decision.


Wedding planning is often a stressful period in a couple's journey to the aisle, but family support should make it easier to navigate through the details. However, that was not the case for Luke and Barbara.

Because Luke, 30, belonged to a family of devout by-the-book Christians, he already knew it would be problematic that his wife, Barbara, 28, was five months pregnant out of wedlock.

Pregnant woman cradling her belly. | Source: Shutterstock

Pregnant woman cradling her belly. | Source: Shutterstock


To appease Luke's family, he and Barbara decided to have their wedding before their baby arrived. The decision was well-received by his family, and in no time, arrangements were underway for the couple to say "I do."

Although Luke's family wasn't pleased about Barbara's pregnancy, they were willing to help out, and the young couple appreciated it. Luke's mom was particularly invested in the wedding planning.


Everything was going smoothly until the day that Barbara's gorgeous wedding dress arrived from the bridal boutique. She was ecstatic and tried it on for her future in-laws. She didn't get the response she expected.

Upon seeing the off-the-shoulder mermaid dress, Luke's mom instantly turned red with anger and berated Barbara for daring to wear such a revealing dress in front of their respected guests. She demanded:

"You better return or exchange that dress immediately. Everyone will see that you're pregnant, and I won't have you embarrass my family."


Barbara held back her tears until Luke came back home from work, at which point she fell into his arms and began sobbing. Luke knew his family was conservative, but he was upset they would force their opinions on his wife.

He called his mom and explained she was overstepping and had no right to make such demands, but she angrily insisted that the couple do things her way. Before hanging up the phone, Luke yelled:

"Since your future grandchild is such an embarrassment to you, you're no longer invited to our wedding."


News of the phonecall exchange quickly spread, sending shockwaves through the usually close-knit family. Just as expected, Luke's aunt and the family's peacekeeper, Denise, phoned him to "set him straight."

Denise's approach was equally aggressive, shaming Barbara for being disrespectful. Right then and there, Luke defended his wife and told her that she, too, was no longer invited to the wedding.


Luke had no regrets and expressed his sentiments to his older sister, Maureen, who responded, "Barbara needs to get over herself and stop being a bridezilla. She should just change the dress because no one likes it."

That was all Luke needed to hear to make his next cut. He instantly told her she was not welcome at the wedding. To make his point clear, he took to the family group chat and declared that if anyone had a problem with it, they would be uninvited too.


There was a massive uproar from Luke's other family members, including his dad and cousins, who told him to apologize and re-extend his wedding invitations to his mom, aunt and sister.

Besides his younger sister, Jenny, who thought Barbara's dress was stunning, everyone in the group chat chastised Luke for taking Barbara's side over his family. He didn't bother to respond.

Luke and Barbara's wedding will be held in less than three weeks, and he still hasn't changed his mind. Is he wrong for taking his wife's side, or perhaps it's his family that should apologize first?

If this story piqued your interest, check out this story about a woman who refused to invite her grandmother to her wedding because of her intolerance for gay people.

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