Daily Joke: A Miser Decided to Play Golf

Rebelander Basilan
Feb 27, 2021
02:00 P.M.
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An extremely cheap man went to play golf one day. He stood for a while on the green before asking the boy next to him if he was his caddie for the day. The boy responded yes.


The man asked the caddie if he would be good at finding the missing balls. In response, the boy said that he's an expert in finding any kind of balls. Having heard it, he told him:

"Step out there and find one, then we will start playing!"

Man playing golf. | Photo: Pexels



At the course's seventeenth hole, a careful golfer studied the hole for a while before taking his shot. To begin with, he got on his knees and examined the grass between his ball and the hole.

Before he arose to try and find the direction of the wind, he flung a few pieces of grass out of his way. A few minutes later, he turned to his caddie and asked if the green had been trimmed that morning.

Golf ball near golf hole. | Photo: Pexels


Having heard yes from his caddie, the golfer then asked whether the green was trimmed right to left or left to right. Right to the left, the well-bred caddie replied.

Finally, the golfer, who looks dapper in his uniform, hit a golf ball into the hole. However, he completely missed the hole. He then turned on the caddie and shouted, "What time?"

Man hitting a golf ball. | Photo: Pexels



In a bar one night, Jack talked to two of his friends, Ace and Robert. Robert was convinced that his wife Christina was cheating on him with the electrician.

Jack and Ace immediately asked him how he had discovered this information. He explained that one day he came home and found the wire cutters under the bed, which belongs to someone else.

Three male friends enjoying drink at a bar. | Photo: Pexels


Ace and Jack nodded with Robert's perspective on the matter. Then Ace said he suspected his wife Cara of having an affair with the plumber. Jack and Robert asked where the information came from.

In response, Ace said that he found a wrench lying under the bed and that it wasn't his. Meanwhile, Jack shared that he suspected his wife Rose of engaging in a secret romance with a horse.

Three male friends enjoying drink at a bar. | Photo: Pexels

Ace and Robert both shuddered when they heard his claim. Jack explained that he wasn't kidding since he discovered a jockey underneath their bed when he came home one day.

Source: Starts at 60