February 22, 2021

Ricki Lake Announces Engagement to Ross Burningham Almost 4 Years after Her Ex-husband's Death

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Ricki Lake recently took to Instagram to announce that she is engaged to Ross Burningham. Lake sounded overjoyed when she shared the news with her followers.

Ricki Lake shared some exciting news on social media, revealing that she is now engaged to Ross Burningham. The former TV host also declared her love for him in the process.

She captioned her post: “Friends, I'm so so so excited to share some good news! I’m engaged!” and shared a ring and black heart emojis along with the post. 

Ricki Lake and Christian Evans are sighted at The Grove on April 23, 2012 in Los Angeles, California | Photo: Getty Images



"This is Ross. He is my person. He is wonderful. I love him very much, and I am so grateful I get to love and be loved so deeply by this stellar human," she wrote.

Lake also noted a message of hope for them both and expressed that their new life together is deemed to be a good one. She ended off, “Our next chapter is sure to be a good one.”


The 52-year-old posted a snapshot of them beaming at the camera. Burningham wore a black cap -matched with a grey sweatshirt. In front of him is his future wife posing with her head rested on his chest, also wearing a blue sweater.

Lake’s followers shared their excitement for them and flooded the comments section with congratulatory messages. One user said, “Ohhh, so sweet!!! So happy for you both. Love you, girl."


The pair reportedly have been dating for over a year. Lake recently opened to People about finding love again. “Ross and I pinch ourselves that we have found each other at this time in our lives,” she disclosed.

The former talk show host noted that they are both empty-nesters, and they feel as if they are kids again. Lake added that they are filled with gratitude and joy and are optimistic about the future.


According to Today, as of late, Lake is often pictured with the documentary filmmaker on the beach with her dog outdoors, spending quality time in Southern California. Burningham’s debut on her Instagram was in December.

On Valentine’s Day, Lake posted another snap with him on the beach once again. She also posted him again on his birthday earlier this month, saying he has brought her peace, joy, and laughs.


Even though Burningham brings her happiness, she cannot drive the feeling of sadness away after losing her late ex-husband Christian Evans.  According to the outlet, Evans died by suicide after battling with bipolar disorder.

Evans reportedly fell into a serious depression. Following his death, Lake revealed in an interview with "The Dan Wootton Interview" about the tough times she spent loving, living with, and ultimately grieving for her former spouse.


Lake struggled to cope after his death and shared that she did not understand what it meant that he had bipolar when she first met him. She admitted that she equated it to a character flaw, whereas it was a severe illness.

Speaking of his death, she revealed that she does not think she will ever recover from the tragedy. Evans was Lake's second husband, and they eloped in 2012, but their marriage ended two years later.