February 23, 2021

Woman Refused to Let Brother Use Her Holiday Home — Here's Why

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A woman who refused to let her brother into her holiday home, though her ex said she could, narrates her story after almost every member of her family accused her of being mean. 

A woman named Martha was previously married to Josh. However, the couple divorced due to irreconcilable differences. Despite the breakup, they remained good friends and talked to each other once in a while. 

While they were married, they bought a small cottage close to where they lived and stayed there whenever they had holidays. After their split, Martha got the cottage while Josh got the flat they called home. 

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Martha still sometimes took their three kids to the cottage during the holidays, but she rented a different place to live and spend most of her days.

Meanwhile, her younger brother, Simon, is close friends with Josh and speaks with him regularly. Martha's divorce from Josh did not sever their ties but made it stronger, which astonished her. 

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However, she did not question Simon about his close relationship with her ex-husband. Instead, she understood they had a connection only them understand. 

Recently, Simon texted his sister and asked her if he could use the cottage for some time. From his tone, it seemed he already spoke to Josh, who had given him the go-ahead. 

Simon wondered why she kept refusing, and she told him it was because it is her house and she does not want him to use it. 

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However, if Simon was expecting his sister to accept his request to use the cottage readily, he got the shock of his life when she told him he could not use it. 

Simon told his sister Josh accepted his request, and Martha told him the cottage belongs to her and not Josh. Simon pleaded with his sister, telling her he already had plans to use the space and needed to lay low for some time. 

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Martha remained adamant that he could not use the cottage and told him she was sorry if his initial plans were going to flop because of her disagreement. 

Simon insisted that his plans were going to get destroyed and that he had invested so much into it. Yet, Martha refused. Simon wondered why she kept refusing, and she told him it was because it is her house and she does not want him to use it. 

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Simon goes over and tells their dad and siblings. All of them were livid with Martha for not allowing her brother to use the cottage and labeled her as mean. 

Martha understands that Simon has laid out plans, but she does not want him using the cottage. Is she being mean? Should she let him use the cottage or remain steadfast on her refusal? What do you think? 

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