February 28, 2021

Claudia Haro Is Joe Pesci's and Garrett Warren's Ex-wife Who Ended up in Jail — Who Is She?

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Oscar-winning actor Joe Pesci and Hollywood stuntman Garrett Warren were married to Claudia Haro. Here is the story of how all three were involved in a criminal investigation.

Claudia Martha Haro is an American actress remembered for her roles in films such as Wes Craven's "New Nightmare," "Gone Fishin'," "Jimmy Hollywood," "With Honors," and "Casino."

The beautiful actress was married twice, once to actor Joe Pesci, 78, from 1988 to 1992, and, per IMDb, they share a daughter, Tiffany Pesci. After her divorce, Haro found love again in stuntman Garrett Warren.

Joe Pesci attending the premiere of "The Irishman" in Hollywood, California, in October 2019. | Image: Getty Images.


The couple married in March 1998 and had a daughter in December of that same year. Unfortunately, Warren's constant travels for work caused difficulties in the marriage.

Haro and Warren filed for divorce in 1999 and began a bitter custody battle for their young daughter. In the end, Warren obtained joint custody of his daughter, which, according to him, did not please his ex-wife.



Warren was at home one Saturday night in May 2000 when the doorbell rang insistently. A man asked about the car parked outside his home, and Warren opened the door to find the barrel of a gun.

The man shot him four times and also shot Warren's mother twice when she came to the door upon hearing the gunshots. Then, he fled the scene, leaving Warren wounded and bleeding on the ground.


The shooter narrowly missed Warren's mother, but the stuntman was shot twice in the right eye and neck and two more times in the chest. Incredibly, he survived and, for the next few days, fought for his life.



For several years, the investigation went nowhere and cooled down until, during an operation to arrest a drug dealer, the police found new clues about the shooter's identity.


The new leads not only yielded concrete evidence about the shooter's identity but also led the police to other people involved in the attempted murder of Warren.

During the initial investigation, the stuntman was asked if he knew anyone who wanted him dead. He mentioned his ex-wife, Claudia Haro, but the police ruled her out as a suspect after questioning her.



As part of the judicial settlement, the shooter, identified by the police and by Warren as Jorge Hernandez, led the investigators to Haro's younger brother, Manuel Haro, and Haro herself as the crime's mastermind.

Manuel had arranged to hire the hitman, and after Warren survived, Claudia insisted that a second attack be carried out to finish the job. An envelope found in a car with photos of Warren, his address, and possible kill dates were part of the evidence against her.


In December 2005, Claudia Haro was arrested and brought to trial for the attempted murder of her ex-husband. During the hearing, she did not oppose the two charges of attempted murder.


In 2012, Haro was sentenced to 12 years and four months in prison and served her sentence at the California Institution for Women in Corona, CA. Haro was released from jail in 2019.


During the investigation and subsequent trial, Claudia Haro had the support of her ex-husband Joe Pesci, who always advocated her innocence on all charges. The prominent actor appears to have hired a private investigator to prove it.


It was learned from a source that, during that time, Pesci hired the services of John Perry, who sued him in 2007 for allegedly owing him more than $ 100,000 in fees for his work.


Despite being close to Haro and advocating her innocence, Pesci was found free of any suspicion of participating or even being related to the attack on Warren. The actor has always maintained that he had no involvement in the event.


The police indicated that if during the course of investigations, they found any evidence proving Pesci was involved in the case, the actor would promptly be imprisoned.


Joe Pesci's acting career has had several ups and downs. During the 60s, he developed a musical career and recorded an album. However, unable to advance his career, he returned to New York City where he ran a restaurant.


But director Martin Scorsese saw Pesci's performance in the movie "The Death Collector" and decided to try him out for his masterpiece "Raging Bull" in 1980. It marked the beginning of Pesci's lengthy career as a supporting actor.


For his part, Warren is known in Hollywood as the action coach to the stars. He has trained numerous film and television actresses and actors to perform their action parts.

He is married for the second time and has three children with his new wife. During the years Haro was in jail, Warren's career has grown, and he has built an excellent reputation as a coach.


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