Inside 'Perfect Strangers' Star Bronson Pinchot's Life after Nationwide Fame

Olowokandi Fiyin
Mar 01, 2021
03:50 P.M.
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In the 80s "Perfect Strangers" talented actor Bronson Pinchot won the hearts of many with his onscreen persona. However, there was more to the star than what was shown on TV.


Bronson Pinchot is an actor best known for playing the troublesome Balki Bartokomous on ABC's sitcom "Perfect Strangers." His time on the show made him an icon with a legion of adoring fans.

Pinchot was not only a fan-favorite celebrity in the 80s but also a household name. However, there was more to the 61-year-old's life than what was shown on TV. Here is the TV personality's story.

Bronson Pinchot at the premiere of Netflix's "Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina" at the Hollywood Athletic Club on October 19, 2018 in Los Angeles, California | Photo: Getty Images



Although Pinchot won the hearts of viewers with the beloved character Bartokomous on "Perfect Strangers," his life outside the role was different from what many would have expected. The actor was emotionally and mentally unstable.

This shocking confession reportedly came from the actor, who was unhappy while playing the funny character on the famous sitcom. His success became a burden on his health and this worsened due to his relationship.


Pinchot's then-girlfriend didn't give the actor the care and attention he required while he was emotionally unstable. However, the sitcom star eventually reached out to a therapist for help during his mid-30s.

According to Pinchot, his relationship with [Denzel] Washington was a terrible experience. 

Bronson Pinchot at the opening night of 'Grey Gardens' The Musical at the Ahmanson Theatre on July 13, 2016 in Los Angeles, California | Photo: Getty Images



Before he joined the iconic sitcom cast, Pinchot found fame in the 1984 movie "Beverly Hills Cop." The actor won the hearts of many with his portrayal of the funny gallery worker known as Serge.

During this period, the 61-year-old had been living a sad life. He was residing in an area filled with violence and an apartment that was falling apart. However, the movie's success changed his life.

A portrait of Bronson Pinchot on set of the season 1 of "Perfect Strangers" on June 27, 1986 | Photo: Getty Images



For Pinchot, his time as an actor isn't filled with heartfelt memories of his former co-stars, specifically Tom Cruise and Denzel Washington. During an interview in 2009, the sitcom star divulged shocking truths about the actors.

The 61-year-old reportedly described Cruise as homophobic in his twenties. He stated that the "Mission Impossible" star would make inappropriate comments on set. Washington, who Pinchot worked with on "Courage Under Fire" was also a problem.


The actor told sources that the "Malcolm X" star was not only abusive to him but also the people working on the movie. According to Pinchot, his relationship with Washington was a terrible experience. 


The iconic sitcom producers Thomas Miller, Robert Boyett, and Dale McRaven, chose Pinchot as their first choice for the mischievous European immigrant Balki, but the actor initially turned down the role.

On an Episode of the Season 2 of "Perfect Strangers," Balki (Bronson Pinchot) and Larry (Mark Linn-Baker) join a health club on September 24, 1986 | Photo: Getty Images

This was due to his commitment to another show "Sara," but upon the cancellation of the series, he joined the cast of "Perfect Strangers." Pinchot's character's name was also inspired by his sister's dog.