March 06, 2021

Chloë Grace Moretz's Family Drama — Here Is Why She Can't Forgive Her Father

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Chloë Grace Moretz has revealed that she will never forgive her father, plastic surgeon McCoy Moretz, for abandoning his family after declaring bankruptcy when she was a child.

When Chloë Grace Moretz was just 12 years old, her life was turned upside down when her father, Dr. McCoy Moretz, walked out on his wife and five children. By then the family was over $5 million in debt and had lost their home.

Her father's abandonment of his struggling family, four years after declaring bankruptcy to take up with one of the Hilton wives and start a new life, was something that Chloë has never forgiven.

Chloe Grace Moretz at The Museum Of Modern Art Film Benefit: A Tribute To Martin Scorsese in 2018 in New York City | Source: Getty Images



In 2005, her father declared himself bankrupt, owing millions to banks, and credit cards. The family's properties. including their $3,4 million home and Dr. Moretz's officer and medical equipment were lost to debtors.

In 2007, Terri,  Chloë's mother was diagnosed with kidney cancer and was battling the disease when Dr, Moretz left her for the mega-wealthy Jo Hilton, Paris Hilton's aunt. Dr. Moretz and Terri ended up embroiled in a six-year legal battle over property and their children.

11-year-old Chloë Grace Moretz at the premiere of "The Amityville Horror" in 2005 in Los Angeles, California Source: Getty Images



Dr. Moretz quickly established himself with a prestigious Los Angeles practice, as the go-to plastic surgeon to the stars due to his and Hilton's many connections with Hollywood actors and actresses.

Terri and her daughter Chloë, and sons Brandon, Trevor, Colin, and Ethan were left to fend for themselves. Chloë and her brothers have no relationship with their father, and the brilliant young actress has no interest in reconnecting.

As for Chloë, she is now dating model Kate Harrison and promoting her new movie "Tom & Jerry."


In 2013, Terri discovered that her cancer had come back, and she was once again fighting for her life. By then Chloë, who had started working as an actress at the age of 7, was working regularly, and starring in hit movies like "let Me In," and  "Texas Killing Fields."

Chloë's career is very much a family business. Her brother Trevor is her acting coach, and brother Brandon is her manager. Chloë' has described Terry as an invincible force of nature, and her inspiration.


Chloë has declared that she will never forgive her father for his abandonment of his desperately sick wife and their five children, or for the pain and trauma he caused. But the family survived. Chloë said:

"It could have rocked our family and messed us up, but it actually made us a lot tighter."



Dr. Moretz is persona non grata with all his children, and when his son Ethan graduated from the University of South California, he was reduced to watching the ceremony on an outdoor screen.

Inside, Terri and Ethan's siblings celebrated but Dr. Moretz was not invited to his son's milestone achievement. He can expect to be equally excluded from other future events like weddings or the celebration of his grandchildren's birth.



Two of Chloë's brothers, Colin and Trevor, are gay, and it is their relationships with their partners that have given her role models of what a healthy and nurturing romantic relationship should be. She revealed:

"The healthiest relationship that I've ever seen(...)  it was that of my brother and his boyfriend who have been together – still to this day – for 11 years."



For four years Chloë' had dated celebrity photographer Brooklyn Beckham, but in 2018 the romance came to an abrupt end. In 2020 Beckham announced his engagement to "The Last Airbender" actress Nicola Petz.

As for Chloë, she is now dating model Kate Harrison and promoting her new movie "Tom & Jerry." Fans can look forward to the release of her new sci-fi thriller "Mother/Android" costarring  Algee Smith and Raúl Castillo.