March 07, 2021

TD Jakes' Daughter Cora Coleman Reveals Her 71-Pound Weight Loss in This Inspiring Post

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Bishop T.D. Jakes' daughter Cora Coleman juxtaposed the before and after photos of her weight loss journey, and the results are truly incredible. This is her story. 

Bishop T.D. Jakes' daughter Cora Coleman has come a long way on her weight loss journey. Now she wants her fans to know anything is possible if one is determined enough to work for it. 

Taking to Instagram, Cora shared a before and after snap to show just how much weight she has lost. In the caption, she revealed she used to be 315 lbs.

Bishop T.D. Jakes at MegaFest's International Faith & Family Film Festival on June 30, 2017 in Dallas, Texas. | Source: Getty Images


So far, Cora has lost 71 pounds. She is happy with her current body now, but that does not mean she is done molding it to shape. In fact, she said she is more determined than ever to keep moving. 

"No I'm not finished. I'm still fighting to become even greater"


Although Cora said she realizes she looks beautiful in both images, she knows all those extra pounds were not doing good to her body and sent her closer to the grave. 

Cora published a book titled "Ferocious Warrior" where she detailed her struggles with insecurity, loss, and depression.


Cora said she is living more abundantly now that she feels healthier. She inspired her fans to keep pushing themselves to attain the results they want and never give up. 

"I would have never thought I would be this girl, but I am. I challenge you to choose life. Don’t give up. Get up!! You deserve to choose you!!"


In 2019, Cora published a book titled "Ferocious Warrior" where she detailed her struggles with insecurity, loss, and depression. The goal was to inspire the readers to think like a warrior. 

Cora also shared her struggles with infertility in the book. She once got into a serious car accident where the vehicle folded on her after getting hit by a truck. 


A CT scan of Cora's body revealed she had cysts in both her ovaries. She was diagnosed with PCOS, a condition that causes infertility. She thought she was not enough as a woman. 

Even the IVFs failed. Cora and her husband ultimately adopted a son and a daughter. She thought she could never love children she did not birth, but that changed when the two little munchkins arrived.