March 03, 2021

Daily Joke: New Monk Arrives at a Monastery

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Here's today's joke about the new monk who felt there needed to be a change at the monastery has quite a moment with changes following the head monk's sentiment.

A new monk arrived at a monastery, and he was to help with the handwritten aspect of old texts. After going through the original books, he realized that those in charge were copying from copies of the original books.

He then sought the advice of the head monk, informing him that there could be errors. The head monk saw reason in him, noting that although copying from the copies was the norm, changes could be made.

A portrait of a monk meditating in the temple. | Photo: Getty Images


So the old monk went down to the cellar where all the original books were stored, trying to seek out the original book to the copied text. He ended up spending hours in the cellar. 

One of the monks soon moved to the cellar in search of him and heard sobs coming from the area. He discovered that it was the old monk crying. After inquiring what was wrong, the crying monk exclaimed in shock, expressing his anger and sadness: 

"The word was celebrate!"


That was a good one! Want to hear another joke about a woman who was upset after her brief conversation with a pharmacist? A woman had a conversation with a pharmacist and was still furious when her husband got back from work.

She explained that she called the pharmacist earlier in the day, trying to make inquiries, and he insulted her. The husband wasted no time making his way to the pharmacy.


The pharmacist saw him coming and already knew what it was. When the man got to him, he pleaded to say his side of the story and how the rocky day began.

First off, the pharmacist woke up extremely late for work because his Akrons failed to go off. After rushing to prepare, he locked his home and car keys in and ended up breaking the window to get them. 

This was only the start. Getting to the store, his customers had teemed, waiting for him to attend to them, so it was a hectic morning. 


However, more series of events happened, making him bump his head on the counter, breaking a bottle of perfume oils, and all the while, the telephone was ringing endlessly. 

After he finally got a little time to attend to the call, it was the woman trying to inquire how to use a rectal thermometer. The pharmacist noted to her husband that he only gave her instructions on how to use it.

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