Daily Joke: A Woman Receives Three Gifts from Her Sons as She Moves into a Retirement Home

Mar 05, 2021
01:10 A.M.
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A woman moved into a retirement home after spending decades in active work life. Her three sons decided to give her lavish gifts as a token of their gratitude.


After many years, a woman pursued her career. After she retired, her children decided to move her into a retirement home to focus on their careers.

Her three sons also decided to give gifts to their retired mom as their way of appreciating her. Each of them brought out their best to impress their mom.

A woman sporting red hat and sunglasses. | Photo: Pexels


The eldest son said he would gift their mom a Ferrari worth half a million dollars so she could enjoy a nice drive and feel his love. Hearing this, the second son stepped up his game.

He said he would buy their mom a luxurious villa with a place she can sleep downstairs. The place will also have a bathroom downstairs so she could live independently and comfortably as she would love to.

An old woman smiling | Photo: Shutterstock


Their youngest brother said he would buy their mother a million-dollar parrot, the best of its kind and one unique in its way so it can keep their mom engaged.

A few weeks later, the eldest son received a thank you note from his mom. She thanked him for the Ferrari but said that her vision is no longer the same, so she could not drive it.

Photo of an old woman driving a car | Photo: Getty Images


The next day, the second son received a note from his mom that read, "Thank you for the pretty house, dear, but I didn't move to an old age home for no reason."

On the third day, the youngest got his note from their mom, thanking him for his gift. She wrote, "My boy, thank you so much for your gift; the chicken was delicious."


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A young man playing golf. | Photo: Unsplash

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