March 04, 2021

Cedric The Entertainer Says Bill Cosby Deserves Credit for His Positive Impact on Black Culture

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In a recent interview, Cedric the Entertainer argued that disgraced TV icon Bill Cosby deserved more credit for his contributions to people of color.

While the world is happy that justice was served to disgraced TV icon Bill Cosby, Cedric the Entertainer believes that his error in judgment does not tarnish his legacy.

During a recent interview with TMZ, Cedric the Entertainer argued that Cosby deserved more recognition for his contribution to Black culture than he is getting.

Actor/stand-up comedian Bill Cosby at the Montgomery County Courthouse for the fifth day of his retrial for sexual assault charges on April 13, 2018. | Photo: Getty Images


The 56-year-old actor, whose real name is Cedric Antonio Kyles, believes that Cosby made it possible for other Black people to find success in a world full of inequality.

The actor claimed that stars such as Jay-Z and Tyler Perry have Cosby to thank for their success. He called the disgraced 83-year-old a trailblazer.


The 56-year-old shared a post on his Instagram where he asked his fans if Cosby's conviction is all there is to him. Some fans gave their response to his question.

Stars like Keisha Epps and Tony Baker commented on the post and noted that they agreed with Cedric the Entertainer that Cosby is more than his tainted image.

His fans were excited to hear that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court agreed to review some issues in his case this year.


Some fans also echoed that Cosby's shows impacted a generation, and even though he made wrong decisions, his legacy should remain intact.

Cedric the Entertainer has been vocal about Black culture in recent days, calling for the appreciation of people who changed the Black man's narrative.

Cosby reportedly responded to the 56-year-old by thanking him for keeping the legacy alive while also sounding out a friendly note that he will soon be back for the biggest of shows.


Cosby reigned as the king of comedy in the 80s and had one of the most-watched shows in American history. According to reports, his show, "The Cosby Show," was the most-watched program on US television, drawing up to 35 million viewers.

His world and legacy came crumbling down after being convicted of felony sexual assault, and he is poised to serve a 3-10 year prison term.

Bill Cosby filming an opening sequence in New York in 1990. | Photo: Getty Images

While an appeal court upheld his conviction, his fans were excited to hear that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court agreed to review some issues in his case this year.

His fans and family are hoping to see him vindicated. His wife of 56 years, Camille, claimed her husband was being targeted by racists because of his status as a Black hero and believed he should be vindicated.