Benny and Suzanne Hinn | Source: Youtube.com/BennyHinnMinistries
Benny and Suzanne Hinn | Source: Youtube.com/BennyHinnMinistries

Suzanne Hinn Became Benny Hinn's Wife Twice - A Look inside Her Life & Marriage

Milla Sigaba
Aug 31, 2023
12:42 P.M.

Suzanne Hinn and her husband, renowned minister Benny Hinn, recently celebrated over four decades of marriage. However, their relationship hasn't always been smooth sailing for the couple, as Benny Hinn once opened up about his wife's blindsiding petition for a divorce.


Suzanne Hinn has a rich background and heritage in the Christian Faith. Born and raised by Roy and Pauline Harthem, who pastured for many years in Florida, she grew up loving the Lord and choosing to do his bidding.

She was but a teenager when she had the call of God on her life. Following this call, she went to Evangel College in Springfield, Missouri, before heading to Southeastern Bible College.


It was a few years after leaving school that she met and married Benny Hinn, who was an evangelist. Born on December 3, 1952, Benny and his family had set up residence as immigrants in Palestine from Greece.

In 1968, he and his family moved to Canada. In April 1974, Benny had a vision where God told him he was responsible for souls that were falling into an inferno, and from there, he began his ministry.


While Suzanne is called to the ministry of intercession and deliverance, her husband is an innovative communicator and an apostolic leader who believes in taking the saving and healing power of Jesus Christ to the world.

During a special announcement, Suzanne's husband shared that he and Suzanne had been separated for a while before she filed for divorce.

Suzanne and Benny were married for 30 years before their divorce in 2010. The two got back together in 2013 and remarried. They are blessed with four children and four amazing grandchildren.


Suzanne and Benny's Relationship

When Suzanne met her husband, they were both heavily invested in ministry work. Her heart was in ministering to orphans and widows, as well as feeding the poor, while her husband set out on a quest to evangelize and spread the word of God.

With their dedication and love for the ministry, they became ministers and co-workers in the Benny Hinn Ministries/ World Healing Center Church located in Grapevine, Texas. However, while things between the couple were seemingly swell for 30 years, Suzanne and her husband's relationship took a turn in 2010.


Suzanne and Benny Hinn's Divorce

On January 26, 2010, Suzanne officially separated from Benny and filed a petition for divorce in Orange County Superior Court on February 1, 2010. According to reports, the reason for the divorce was irreconcilable differences.

During a special announcement, Suzanne's husband shared that he and Suzanne had been separated for a while before she filed for divorce. And although the state of their relationship was not ideal, the divorce still came as a shock. Suzanne's husband revealed:

"This is a very painful letter to read [...]. I come to you with a broken heart. You may have heard by now that my wife, Suzanne, whom I love very much and always will, filed for divorce [...]. Divorce was the last thing on my mind [...]."


Benny's senior advisor revealed that Suzanne's husband was not the only one shocked by their separation, as the news of their parting also left the couple's children and Benny's immediate family saddened. Suzanne's husband said her divorce petition was filed without notice.

Throughout the divorce saga, Benny expressed that he hoped God restored his marriage, and even though things between them were terrible, he had been faithful to his wife throughout the time they were married, while Suzanne refused to speak about it.

When asked what might have caused their divorce, Benny said their marriage died for two reasons: that he had placed his ministry above his marriage, and that Suzanne was under the influence of narcotics, which affected her emotional stability at the time.


Reconciliation and Remarriage

For Benny, the divorce period was the most agonizing two and a half years of his life. The end of his marriage woke him up, and he believes that the Lord used it to show him that he cannot function properly without his wife and family.

During his divorce from Suzanne, Benny was rumored to be in a relationship with fellow minister Paula White.

On Suzanne's part, she decided that she needed professional help to gain freedom from her chemical dependence. For three and a half months, she underwent exhaustive treatment.


She described it as a hard process, but it gave her a better understanding of what she had been through. And after hosting a Christmas party for herself and her family, with Benny in attendance, Suzanne and her ex-husband began the process of reconciliation. Benny shared:

"Our God is a God of restoration and reconciliation [...], but I have experienced His healing touch more recently when He began His glorious healing work in my own family, as the process of restoration in my marriage has begun."

The pair spent time together bonding and decided to spend time together afterward. The pair remarried in front of a thousand friends and family, with Pastor Jack Hayford and Reinhard Bonke officiating the wedding ceremony. And in 2022, the couple celebrated 43 years of marriage.


Rumored Relationship

During their divorce, Suzanne's husband was in a rumored relationship with fellow minister Paula White, which began to circulate after the pair were spotted walking hand in hand while coming out of a hotel in Rome.

However, Paula and Suzanne's husband refuted the claims that they were a couple. Both admitted to being friends and that there was nothing more to their friendship.

Despite her stumble with drug abuse, Suzanne has continued her passion for spreading the word of the gospel.


Benny even said that the friendship between himself and Paula had to end in order for peace to reign. Aside from his rumored relationship with Paula, Benny has also had to deal with some allegations from the media about his way of life and finances.

His nephew, Costi Hinn, admitted that although Benny was his uncle, he began to grow uncomfortable with the prosperity preaching that was going on all the time in the ministry. He added that the Hinn clan was like a hybrid of the Royal Family and the mafia.


What Has Suzanne Hinn Been up To?

Before 2014, Suzanne only had one social media account — her Instagram page — which was mainly filled with photos and videos of her family members. She has since created another private Instagram account and a Facebook page, which documents her work as a pastor.

Despite her stumble with drug abuse, Suzanne has continued her passion for spreading the word of the gospel. Last month, she took the stage and prayed over a crowd of believers at the USA Miracle Conference, and in October, she is set to join other female pastors at The Warrior Bride Conference.


Benny's wife and her children have also seemingly turned a new leaf following reports that she left him blindsided after filing for divorce, as on February 9, her daughter turned to Instagram to celebrate Suzanne on her birthday.

Suzanne's daughter, Natasha Hinn, took a trip down memory lane with a video montage of her and her mother over the years, as well as other family members.

In the caption, Suzanne's daughter wrote to her in part, "Our life has not always been easy, but in-spite of all the warfare this family has faced, you have remained pure to the lord and have kept in faith to the promises. People say i am so much like you in my personality and i take that as a complement. You have taught me to be a warrior (sic)."

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