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March 05, 2021

Former DWTS Host Tom Bergeron Shares Hilarious before & after Photo of Himself While Hiking

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Former "Dancing With The Stars" host Tom Bergeron shared hilarious before and after pictures on his Instagram page showing his hiking experience. 

Age is just a number! "Dancing With The Stars" alum Tom Bergeron is 65 years old but still engages in regular exercises and physical activities to keep himself fit. 

He showed his fans a glimpse of one of his physical fitness routines on Wednesday when he shared a side-by-side snapshot showing his hiking experience. 

Tom Bergeron attending the "Dancing With The Stars" Semi Finals Episode Celebration at Mixology Grill and Lounge in Los Angeles, California in May 2016. | Photo: Getty Images.


In the picture on the left, he posed smiling, clad in a blue coat jacket and combat shorts, which he paired with brown boots. The photo on the right showed Bergeron sweating it out while walking and looking exhausted. 

He carried a backpack on his back and wore a wristwatch, flaunting his gray hair. In the post's caption, the television personality did not hold back from laughing at himself, writing:

"The 2 Faces of Today's Hike. On the left, The Summit! On the right (from earlier)."


Bergeron's numerous fans hopped in on his post, with many of them liking it while some others commented on it, expressing delight with its hilarious nature. 

One fan wrote that Bergeron is a hilarious character, while another fan said his picture was accurate as it detailed many people's experiences during hiking. 

Despite the emotions raging inside, Bergeron focused on the show and did just fine until its very end.


Bergeron is notable for hosting "DWTS" for up to fifteen years but was not returned as the host of the television dance show in its last season, sparking many fans' reactions. 

With many fans expressing their desire to have him back on the show, the 65-year-old dispelled any possibility of him ever returning to the show, saying that the train had left the station. 


Bergeron had many unforgettable memories as a "DWTS" host, including the day his father died. His co-host, Erin Andrews, was one of the few people that knew of his father's demise. 

Despite the emotions raging inside, Bergeron focused on the show and did just fine until its very end when he was overcome by them and went to the dressing room to cry. Andrews was a rock for him and had his back the whole time. 


Since departing "DWTS," Bergeron has taken up other activities, including writing a new novel titled "Drive Time." He also bagged a role in a new comedy web series, "Down The Middle." 

The television personality also hosted a virtual Christmas gig hosted by the Ed Asner Foundation. When he is not busy hosting events, one is likely to find Bergeron hiking, as he showed in his Instagram post. There is never a dull moment with him.